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The samuro Problem

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - The samuro Problem

First: what is samuro good for?

The main answer is dueling heroes, he wins almost every match up, and the one he may lose by intuition are won by skill (such as vs sonya).

He is ungankable, meaning is hard to bully him out of xp.

He is the most forgiven hero in the game, hard to kill, too many tools not to die**.**

He is probably the only mele assassin that can hit tanks without being punished.

On what samuro is bad?

Fights, if the enemy team ignores him they can win the game by just killing his team mates, samuro doesn't carry games on his own, and in fights he mostly offers dps. he is a bad hero when behind because is hard to defend big waves and objectives, unless you have bladestorm, but that means being bad at fights which is the way to comeback into the game.

Why samuro is a high win rate hero? OP perhaps?

Assuming he has no bugs, his main strength is disruption, he thrives on chaos and can't be bullied, so not knowledgable people makes the mistake of wasting resources on him, when he actually doesn't do much. when you play against samuro feels pretty bad not killing him, no matter how hard you tell your teammates not to waste resources on him, they do and you lose the fight, but when you are samuro is pretty easy to be useless, because again, you bring dps damage. in theory you can't get snap kills and make fights advantageous for you (assuming no bugs ofc).

Why samuro can't be balanced:


If you compare him to old versions, at the moment without bugs he does less damage, less burst, less macro, better forgiveness tools for fights and trades rewarding high skill, in fact because of this draw backs many old samuro players stopped playing him after the rework, are all this balanced? we can't know, we do know that since release he always had 52-55% wr. SAMURO CAN'T BE BALANCED until the 2 main bugs are fixed (aside of the 20 "unintended" interactions):

Right now the phantom pain bug allows him to do a high amount of damage bursting squishy heroes(this is around the same damage he could do on 2018, and less with the merciless bug on 2019), this is broken design because it allows a hero that can't be killed win a fight with just one snap kill.

The back shift swap that allows samuro be heal for 60% of hp every 14s. this allows you to play dumb, disrupt people and heal back up, if you get ganked and outdrade in the offlane, you just go back, get heal, and readdy to go, this enables too much aggression and increases the feel of people playing against samuro that they can't do much.

Blizzard, I know you want to stop wasting time on samuro, fix the bugs, then bring balance to him, BUT WE DON'T WANT ANOTHER GENJI. We don't want you to over nerf the hero because of design issues and only make him good for the 1% that plays the hero.

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