Heroes of the Storm

The spirit of Old blizzard is alive and well and it’s embodied in Dota2.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - The spirit of Old blizzard is alive and well and it’s embodied in Dota2.

Come play the game that started it all and that was born of the old classic WC3!

Still running strong with the biggest prize pools in Esports!

I love Hots and have played league extensively.

People will tell you Dota is too hard or it’s too complicated . As a hots fan I’ll tell you right now that that is a lie. The game is nuanced enough that you can be very creative with your style of play. There are no set “junglers” or supports perse like in LOL.

Each hero has a vast realm in which he can be useful.

For example brewmaster can play any role and still be viable and characters that are supports can turn into carry’s and high damage dealers mid game.

It’s a joy .

If you’re feeling lost head over to r/dota2 and drop a post and we will get you set up with players and all the tips you need to make your transition easy and smooth.


If you want to give it a shot I can help you personally with your hotkeys to make it all feel familiar and simple because it really is. This coupled with in game guides and casual game modes like Turbo mode make it a very fun casual experience.

All of this coupled with the beautiful map and character models in game are sure to catch your imagination.

The devs are passionate about their game and they have the BEST person to balance the game their is. All the heros are free and can be explored in their fullest right off the bat for free. Whether you’re a tank main that likes to shake up the battlefield or a stealthy assassin this game has it all. I Herve you guys to give it a shot and to allow us to help you along your first few steps.

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PM me of you are interested and need some guidance. I know how to teach the game to you as I understand HOTS and have loved it since launch.

Good luck guys

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