Heroes of the Storm

The strongest basic abilities in the game (at level 1)

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - The strongest basic abilities in the game (at level 1)


  • Abilities are ranked by how much damage they could deal to a single hero in a single cast.
  • All damage is calculated using level 1 stats. Level 1 talents are allowed, but quests are not as they cannot be completed at level 1.
  • Abilities with multiple charges are allowed to use all charges at once.
  • Abilities that empower basic attacks are allowed, but only the damage added by the ability is counted (so Deadly Reach is allowed, but only damage of the extra basic attacks that Kharazim gets would be counted).
  • Abilities with no maximum duration are not allowed such as Greymane's Inner Beast and Cho's Consuming Blaze.
  • Unlikely/Idealistic scenarios are allowed.
  • There are going to be a lot of technicalities in this list. This is mostly just for fun and not meant to be super informative, so rather than making 30 rules to catch all the edge cases, I'll just ask people to please not make a big deal about minor inconsistencies here and there. I'll put annotations at the end to explain (hopefully) all the technicalities.


Just so everyone has a sense of scale here, 1400 health is a really low amount, about how much Valla/Tasadar have, 2000 health is a medium amount, about how much Tychus/Xul have, and 2600+ health is very high and includes most tanks, with the highest health pool in the game being Stitches at 3183.


  1. ¦ 1300 ¦ Junkrat's Total Mayhem hitting every grenade1
  2. ¦ 955 ¦ Tychus' Minigun attacking Stitches for the full duration
  3. ¦ 790 ¦ Mephisto's Lightning Nova with Furious Spark and every tick hitting 1 hero2
  4. ¦ 665 ¦ Jaina's Blizzard with all 3 waves hitting an already-chilled target
  5. ¦ 661 ¦ Imperius' Molten Armor granting 4 Valorous Brand procs (maximum) with Burn the Impure against Stitches3
  6. ¦ 645 ¦ Azmodan's All Shal Burn with a full channel
  7. ¦ 637 ¦ Leoric's Drain Hope channeled for its full duration against Stitches
  8. ¦ 636 ¦ Chromie's Dragon's Breath hitting all 3 blasts4
  9. ¦ 636 ¦ Gul'dan's Corruption hitting all 3 bursts4
  10. ¦ 614 ¦ Junkrat's Frag Launcher hitting 4 times with Blow 'Em Up! active
  11. ¦ 608 ¦ Genji's Shurikens hitting 9 times
  12. ¦ 596 ¦ Zagara's Hydralisk attacking for its full duration
  13. ¦ 584 ¦ Cassia's Fend hitting for its full duration against a blinded target
  14. ¦ 572 ¦ Tyrael's Archangel's Wrath actually hitting something5
  15. ¦ 543 ¦ Probius's Warp Rift hitting with both charges
  16. ¦ 539 ¦ Zagara's Infested Drop with both Roachlings attacking the same target for their full duration
  17. ¦ 526 ¦ Nazeebo's Spiders all biting 1 target
  18. ¦ 502 ¦ Li-Ming's Magic Missiles with Power Hungry or Aether Walker all hitting 1 hero
  19. ¦ 497 ¦ Qhira's Carnage at melee range (hits 5 times) with Maximum Effort and bleed damage
  20. ¦ 491 ¦ Gall's Dread Orb hitting 3 times with Ogre Rage active
  21. ¦ 490 ¦ Kel'Thuzad's Death and Decay hitting for its full duration6
  22. ¦ 458 ¦ Hanzo's Scatter Arrow hitting all 5 arrows
  23. ¦ 428 ¦ Whitemane's Inquisition channeled for its full duration with Fanatical Power Zeal active
  24. ¦ 423 ¦ Falstad's Lightning Rod hitting for its full duration
  25. ¦ 421 ¦ Fenix's Plasma Cutter hitting 3 times

: Yeah, on-death abilities are included, mostly for completeness.


: This is one of the few abilities that gets stronger against a single target if more enemies are around. I decided to calculate it assuming it only hit 1 hero. If I hadn't done that, it could have reached about 840 damage.

: This one is complicated. Firstly, I'm treating Valorous Brand as something that is baked into Molten Armor (and the rest of Imperius' abilities) rather than a separate ability. Functionally, that's how it is. Second, I'm counting the extra damage granted by proccing the Valorous Brands that Molten Armor applies, which means Burn the Impure can also be counted. The logic behind all of this is basically that if you were standing still auto-attacking Stitches, you would deal X amount of damage, and if you cast Molten Armor, you would deal up to an additional 661 damage. So with 1 cast you can deal that much damage.

: Chromie's Dragon's Breath and Gul'dan's Corruption are actually tied for damage. I decided to break the tie in favor of Chromie because her damage applies faster and she could technically eke out an edge with just a single stack of Deep Breathing (even though quests aren't allowed).

: I did say unlikely scenario were allowed.

: The math of this ability is super weird and misleading. It only has 2.5% scaling instead of 4%, but Kel'thuzad will eventually finish his quest granting it an addition 1.75 times damage. So the graph of its damage over the course of a game will fluctuate wildly. Basically, trying to calculate this ability's damage is meaningless beyond just saying "it's a lot." I included its level 1 damage for completeness though.

I hope you all enjoyed! If I made any mistakes or missed anything, please tell me and I'll update the list ♥

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