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The Tank Problem – A Second Look

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - The Tank Problem - A Second Look

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In this post named "The Tank Problem", I talked about how the Tank role is the most underrepresented mandatory role to have in the average team composition and how out of the ~14 possible Heroes to fill this slot, a few came on top while the others were considered niche.

This has changed.

In the last few balance patches, both Blaze and Mal'ganis have seen buffs to their ability to Main Tank, while Diablo has been tweaked in such a way that while his Q build is impactful in coordinated burst/pick-oriented team comps, the spotlight has shifted towards his W build which provides a more reliable Main Tank playstyle (reliable sustain, better peel for teammates, spell power as well as slows).

But you can't expect to change the meta if you don't change players perspective on what a hero does and how they can be played. For this, we have to thank both Lauber from the European team LauberFC as well as
zanehyde - The Tank Problem - A Second Look



This is a match between LauberFC and Washed Up, two of the strongest (if not the two strongest) European teams currently participating in HotS tournaments. These particular matches happen during All Hallows Cup organised by Halloween and casted by u/Khaldor. Lauber picks Mal'ganis and Blaze as main tanks, leading his team to victory.

ZaneHyde: https://heroeshearth.com/builds/zanehyde/i-am-eternal/ and https://hots.heroeshearth.com/builds/zanehyde/professor-pyromanias-pyromancy-101/


ZaneHyde is a former HGC player on the NA side of the game and currently part of the HeroesHearth. community He has been working hard to provide guides for ways to improve at playing the game, with a focus on Tanks and their talent builds. Some of his more recent blog entries have Mal'ganis and Blaze as focus points, and he goes into detail about how to be successful with them as Main Tanks.

There is still work to do.

Currently, in EU around Master rank I see E.T.C., Anub'arak, Diablo, Garrosh, Muradin, Johanna and Mal'ganis all regularly picked as main tanks, depending of course on player preference, map and team compositions. Every so often you also see a Stitches, Blaze, Tyrael or Uther thrown in the mix. That's great! But it can, of course, still get better.

Arthas still struggles against lockdown and finds his place on the solo lane more often than not, Taunt Varian suffers from only being to lock down one target at a time and of course, there's only so many tanks currently in the game. That said, I'm excited to see what the future holds for Tanks as well as Heroes of the Storm as a whole and with BlizzCon approaching fast, a powerful new Hero is sure to follow in its wake. If past BlizzCons have taught us anything, it's that this Hero has the potential to shake the Nexus to its core.

Note: If someone was kind enough to tag Lauber and Halloween in a comment that would be great – I can't seem to find their user tags and my Reddit searching skills are… limited.

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