Heroes of the Storm

The Ultimate Butcher’s Guide

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - The Ultimate Butcher's Guide

Level 120 Butcher here with 66% WR in both HL and TL with 253 games (Diamond 5 – Platinum 1) , and 785 games in all modes


I've made guide for Butcher once before but I found it quite outdated and incomplete , this will be the final guide that he will have from me … as I went into ranked play , I learned more stuff like how this talents should really work when up against at the very least one counter

EDIT : The first talent that is analyzed is the one you'd pick

Level 1 :

Chop Meat : this talent increases damage to non-heroics by 100% … This talent combined with Victuals at 7 can turn a Butcher into a lane monster (not bully , monster) even against Zagara , it helps a lot with doing camps and immortals too !

Invigoration : When I started playing Butcher , I always took this talent .. It's good and all but go Chop Meat , the extra damage helps a lot with waves and camps and even immortal races early game while making it ok late game

Block : No need to explain , this might sound good on paper (specially the fact that Butcher's heal will be effective by Block's armor against the 2 upcoming auto attacks) but still , it is not good at all . Might as well pick Invigoration over this …

Level 4 :

Unrelenting Pursuit : The reduction on E is very good , in a long lasting team fight and gank you can truly feel how useful this talent is ! specially if it lasts for like 7-10 seconds , which is exactly the CD of your next E if you hit the target

Flail Axe : The increased range on Q is basically saying this : my team has no poke , therefore I must be the poke … NO , you are not meant to poke , you are meant to finish your targets and end the very last breath of your victim here and there with continous uses of E . If you use Butcher just to poke with Q and back off you're playing him wrong , might as well have landed an AA before the Q and the automate AA after the Q , sounds much better right ?

Cheap Shot : On paper the increased damage on Q is good but , you need more Es … the CDR on E is just much better (Specially with talent at 13)

Level 7 :

Victuals : This talent makes you B back to base less usually and you can surprise lane heroes by how much this can affect the outcome of a lane fight , you keep Qing enemy hero while around their wave … This let's you release huge amounts of health in a solo fight OR before heading to an objective you just heal yourself up with a minion wave (a full minion wave with catapult means 8 minions total that's 40% of your max health … how good is that ? we are not including the healing and mana restore from globe)

Meat Shield : a good Butcher doesn't need 50 spell armor on his E with 2.5 sec duration after hitting the target … Good mages easily will abuse you before you even hit the target with E to get the spell armor

Insatiable Blade : You do not need movement speed against the W target , you must know how to stutter step as Butcher as it will be explained now : While charging (ideally from a side), spam your move click to go around the enemy. After the stun, just try to get as much distance as possible. Only once the stun wears off you AA+Q+AA. Continue stutterstepping. This makes the difference between landing 2 AA's or 5 and sometimes easily guarante kills

Level 10 :

I love arguing to meta sheep about this … Sadly , they will never learn

FB + E build : You are not dependant on your auto attacks , you are not dependant on your meat stacks (not being dependant on auto attacks = you can deal extreme damage while blinded without even auto attacking , this is pretty obvious starting from level 13 and 10 , not being dependant on meat stacks = early game deaths affect you less) this does not mean you will not auto attack at all , you will … But the damage is better and it can't be stopped by some blinds

Deeper Analyze = FB is usually picked with E build and the point is to play Butcher like a monster that is going to literally charge at you and eat you up , this build is meant to free you from the curse of being dependant on your meat stack , or rather your auto attacks . Furnace Blast also has a relatively low CD for such a good ult , 60 seconds . Combined with the amazing burst at 13 , you are the ultimate bursty killing machine

LTTS + Q build : You are more dependant on your auto attacks , Butcher's auto attacks are dependant on meat stacks (being dependant on auto attacks = Blinds/literally any form of CC are more effective against you , being dependant on meat stacks = early game deaths affect you much more")

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Deeper Analyze = LTTS is usually picked with Q build as we all know , the math behind this is very simple … Q build usually focuses more on your basic attacks (Check Brutal Strikes at 13 to get what I mean) and LTTS keeps the target in your range to auto attack them , it encourages a much more aggressive AA Butcher playstyle which his counters would love him to go such as Johanna , Cassia , Artanis , Know this : The counters I mentioned , along with literally anyone who has CC , will lock you down in those 3 seconds of silence on the target … also Lamb has a huge CD compared to FB

Level 13 :

Savage Charge : 10% of the target's max health by just a point and click stun ? with a low CD combined with your level 4 talent ? (btw it is 1% per each sec of the CD , if we say 15/33%=10 seconds , but the fact here is … how bursty this thing is) and it can't be stopped by blinds . This burst plays a very big role in finishing your opponent with Furnace Blast , Not to mention both the ult and this talent synergy in a very lovely way


Brutal Strike : Already explained above but will go deep on this talent , Remember that I said LTTS is 3 seconds ? and that you can be slowed/CC'ed/blinded to oblivion and get no value out of it except a 3 second silence on a target at the cost of being killed ? this talent sort of has that curse baked into it as well , If you don't get to hit all 3 auto attacks in 3 seconds you will not get the full value from this talent while you could have done the same damage (usually more damage , even on mages … fun fact no ?) by just point and clicking them . now forget all this , Remember I said your auto attacks are dependant on your meat stacks ? once again this talent has that curse baked into it since it literally the increase in auto attack damage will depend on your meat stacks (Also did I mention this damage can be prevented by armor while % damage just goes through armor ?) , No 3 full AAs No full value + No 200 stacks No real value = Please never even look at this talent yet alone pick it

Cleaver : Even on paper this doesn't sound good , yet alone in actual gameplay

Level 16 :

Enraged : 25 armor means 25% more effective healing from your brand while also literally taking 25% more of your current max health to die … The increased auto attack speed means more auto attacks and more auto attacks mean more healing from brand , This talent is the core part of Butcher which plays not only a defensive but a very aggressive role in Butcher's kit (be it in team fights OR soloing bosses , without this a Butcher can't really solo a boss)

Blood Frenzy : Fun talent … but that's all about it , Enraged is much better altho a Butcher with increased movement speed is very scary to face

Crippling Slam : Just go with Enraged , this brings nothing to the table compared to that


Fires of Hell : I actually gave this a try even though I had a meme view on this talent .. I will suggest this if you're having a hard time facing a double blind comp or comps that just wreck you by throwing you around or slowing you and your attack speed badly or you know what ? let's make it simple : You can't even deal damage properly with your auto attacks (Artanis + Cassia / Johanna + Lili / Garrosh + Diablo / Arthas + Jaina , the mix between this comps means auto pick of this talent , mix of this comps into 3 man or even 4 man and at worse , 5 man comp made of this guys will totally make you have a hard time . unless you are playing super safe in the entire game)

Nexus Blades : Pick this if you can freely deal damage with auto attacks , it increases your heal as well from brand by 20% since you're increasing your auto attack damage by 20% … the funnier part is , the slow . it might help you a bit with stutterstepping but take in note that your Q is already slowing the target

Bolt of the Storm : A teleport isn't bad to have , But I find the other options viable (Off-topic : I wish this talent was "Bolt of the Blood" that activated Furnace Blast right after using it OR made you charge the nearest enemy hero and apply a brand on them for free after using it)

Slaughterhouse : The real reason why people even go LTTS is just a level 20 talent … Pulling a 5 man LTTS is hard af specially in higher leagues , you think enemy team is that stupid to cluster up against you with this level 20 talent ? you need some huge follow up on this as well something that only really happens in TL because team communication

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Simple Butcher Facts :

1.The Stutterstep (said in part of Level 7 – Insatiable Blade) : While charging (ideally from a side), spam your move click to go around the enemy. After the stun, just try to get as much distance as possible. Only once the stun wears off you AA+Q+AA. Continue stutterstepping. This makes the difference between landing 2 AA's or 5 , the same difference can decide if the victim will die or just get heavily injured enough to B back to base

  1. The Safeplay : Butcher's early game decides if he will have even a little meat to have a little AA damage boost for his early game team fights or ganks , or rather the bigger aim which is 200 meat . As Butcher you will most likely solo lane early game and bully lanes (Against Zagara/Arthas/Artanis/Leoric , Don't try much till level 7 … you can't kill them , just try to play safe – NOTE : Falling in Arthas's slow aura = you are dead) try to soak as much as you can early game to reach level 10 while also helping team with ganks , this way not only you are doing your quest but also soaking exp to unlock 10 earlier or the same time as the enemy) try to do siege camps too

Keep a big eye on the mini map , trust me .. it saves your life many times , enemy team will usually try to come at you early game to kill you in lane

  1. Landing Furnace Blast : This is the easiest part , but rather needs some notes to take … you activate Furnace Blast , wait 1 second and then charge at your target , if you reach your target within 1 second the FB is perfectly landed . Easy right ? yeah no , Your E is telegraphed and can be abused badly but let's skip that part back to the main problem : People with cleanse or iceblock => My advice : Wait so they can waste their cleanse or iceblock or invuln before doing your FB + E combo (Sidenote : If target uses iceblock while you are charging at them , your E's CD will not be reduced since level 4 demands you to hit the target in order to get the CD reduction bonus , if target has invuln and you get to hit them with E it will get reduced)

  2. Brand resets AA : It is not mentioned in this ability's text like Q , but it does … the sudden burst of AA reset plays a huge role in dealing burst damage and finishing the target

  1. The Butcher's Early Finishing Move : E + AA + W + AA + Q + AA (Note : It will be up to you to stutterstep here or not , if the target is gonna die to this then just do it and finish the victim off , AA + W + AA + Q + AA can be done in 1-1.5 seconds I believe)

  1. Blinds are not your counter , CC and burst damage are : If you're blinded while in a team fight try to back off a little and wait for your E to get ready , Remember all this blinds and CC have cooldowns , if you're a good Butcher you will look carefully at enemy heroes if your counters have them on Cooldown or not (this requires you to have checked the same heroes kit about their CD timers that's all) e.g. : Don't charge at lili if you know her blind from W and E are both available , this is why in a team fight you either try to bait them out before charging or just let other teammates force her to waste those

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