Heroes of the Storm

The Ultimate Chen Guide

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - The Ultimate Chen Guide

The easiest way to never lose on Chen is to never play him.

The most important thing is to avoid accidently locking in chen.

Here are some tips:

  1. Don't own chen. Unfortunutely you may have gotten him in a loot box and didn't reroll, or bought him in a hero bundle. He could also be on free week. Unfortunately there are situations where it's possible to play chen even after following.

  2. Don't level Chen to 5 for HL. While unranked and TL don't have this restriction this method is fool proof in HL. You will never be able to select Chen. If you have already leveled him to 5 the only reasonable course of action is to create a new account and start over. I wouldn't call this a smurf though as this should be your primiary account from now on.

  3. Never drink and play heroes. Drunk people have a tendency to enjoy the precense of other drunks, and thus are more likely to lock in chen. Additionally while drunk you may be more likely to accidently click on him or search for the phrase brew.

  4. Always search for 'ogre' when attempting to play cho'gall and 'time/dragon/bronze' for Chormie. These characters have ch in their name so it's important when looking for them to use different names. This is doubly more important for Cho'gall because he is also a warrior.

  5. Be very careful when using Khaldor. Be sure chen is not in your favorite heroes (but why would he be anyway) when using the favorites for autoselect. This is where tip 1 comes in handy as you can't play a hero you don't own. On Chen free week NEVER AUTOSELECT WARRIORS.

Luckily when the role rework comes out Chen will be classified as a brusier helping mitigate the Cho'gall issue and will allow you to autoselect some heroes like Garrosh, Diablo, Stitches, which you couldn't before.

I am not an expert as I have played the brewmaster before. I only reside in plat, so there are probably some master players who have higher mechanical skill and can use that to avoid clicking on chen, But I hope this tips will help any new players from losing games by accidently playing Chen. Post any additional tips you may have to help people never lose another chen game.

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