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The Whitemane’s issue from other viewpoint

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - The Whitemane's issue from other viewpoint

Hey, my name is DreAM! I’m just another consistent Diamond/Masters Whitemain, I'd like to talk a little about her current state. This is also my first post on Reddit, English isn't my mother language either, any good criticism will be welcome and I hope you all enjoy it! (TL;DR at the end of the post)

I have been playing HotS for two years, I love this game. Whitemane has been one of those heroes I have fallen in love with. Sally is certainly, one of the heroes that carried me from silver to masters, it has been a long journey for sure. Here are some of my stats if you want to take a look.

Maybe my stats aren’t enough to satisfy an entire player-base, but here we are.

Sally Whitemane, the sassy High Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade has been one of the most controversial heroes since her rework, she has been a constant topic on this subreddit through the year. There are lots of discussions and suggestions about her, trying to solve her “jankiness”.

u/AnemoneMeer posts are very good and clear examples, he’s one of the precursors of the “monthly Whitemane suggestions”. Thanks to him, other Whitemains and, of course, our lovely dev team, she has reached a decent state where she’s neither OP or a very niche hero. All of them have made a great and passionate effort, which we should all recognize.

And finally, after a year of a wide number of tweaks, she has reached a good place in the game. Sites that provide us statistical game data like heroesprofile.com can prove that, after the last major patch, she has been doing pretty good, even reaching a 52% WR at certain points, only having a low PR.

Even at Masters and GM, Sally has been performing very well, she can be an outstanding healer on the right hands, some high-level players have already claimed that too.

But then, what’s wrong with Whitemane?


Seems like a lot of people have said that she’s a very mana-hungry hero, not being able to keep up her teammates over long periods of fighting. This is a major complaint that came after the rework.

u/pepperpig_ow made a post with some pretty good suggestions for her mana-tension.

In my opinion, WM doesn't require a buff for her mana pool at all, a good Whitemane will know which teammates have a healing priority and will manage her desperation on the best way possible. Maybe things like bringing back the old > could make her hard to balance, a walking fountain wouldn't be healthy for the game at all, honestly.

All heroes have situations where they are strong at and on the opposite, others where they can struggle. Our favorite inquisitor has the highest healing output among the healers, on a team-fight, her numbers can be explosive in terms of healing and damage, she also has some strong utility talents, like >, > and of course, a cleanse. On the other side, she relies a lot on good positioning, mana-management, timing and patience. A hero shouldn't be perfect in all ways possible.

The High Inquisitor fantasy

Whitemane is one of those heroes that seem to have a lopsided talent tree. Sally also suffers from a personality disorder, "Am I an AAer? Am I a mage? Am I a heal-bot?" I honestly don't know what would satisfy her player-base, but here are my insights:

Level 1

  • > is a must pick, the value it provides for a level 1 talent is delicious, maybe a way too much compared to its siblings, it could have some adjustments, but their counterparts really need some love.
  • > got a recent changes, the damage increase is a more consistent now, but it still feels very weak compared to the other ones, the atk. speed can be quite good in some situations, but what if it gave spell power instead? That's Whitemane's main source of damage boost and therefore, healing.
  • > is considered a noob-trap talent by some people, I think it can be really good on some situations, it's just hard to get value out of it since it "scales", maybe it could use a +1 range on > or something like that.

Level 4

  • > is on a good spot, it actually shits on heroes like Tracer and other annoyances, it improves WM's sustained healing by a little.
  • > is really good too, it's a pure boost to your healing, maybe a little over-picked, but it's fine!
  • > is a weird one, it is very under-picked compared to the others, but it's actually an amazing talent for repositioning and avoiding damage, I really like it. I really hope more people could see its potential.

Level 7

  • > gives you exactly what you need to survive on a team-fight, as WM, you usually want to have a zeal on yourself just for survival on the battlefield, it's on a good spot!
  • > is WM's cleanse, any cleanse is obviously good on a team, but WM's one comes with a great cost: Desperation. Maybe it should really get that QoL that everyone has been asking for: giving zeal when casted on a ally.
  • > is the ugly, the bad and the bugged, it just can't keep up against any talent of the WM's kit, it really needs some tweaks as u/AnemoneMeer proposed.

Personal suggestion on this tier: What if we take the old Fanatical Power back? This simple change could satisfy the old Whitemane players since it used to be a very powerful tool, it also would grant her that high inquisitor fantasy again. A talent that increases spell power could be the only thing WM needs to achieve that former glory she once had. Of course, only one talent on her tree that increases it would be amazing.

Level 10

  • Both ultimates, > and > are on a very good shape. Maybe some might disagree, but both of them are really good under proper circumstances. Reckoning might be just a little better compared to Aegis, but at least it's not like the > or the pre-nerf > cases.

Level 13

  • > dominates this tier without any doubt, that damage reduction is always good, especially when someone dives into your team.
  • > has always been a good talent, its synergy with the Lash build is awesome.
  • > got an interesting buff and a tier change, now it has to compete with these other two, it simply will not stand against them. It might improve WM's PvP a little, but it just gets outclassed.

Level 16

  • I think all Whitemane's lvl 16 talents are very good, maybe > could use some adjustments, the new +10 armor buff is a little strange, also it seems to have a weird interaction with her kit.

Level 20

  • > seems to be, somehow, the weakest talent on this tier, maybe it could use tweaks. What about granting a small extra buff to an allied hero? Just like Auriel's crown does at 16.


Whitemane is on a good spot in terms of balance right now, but still, she could use some tweaks on her talent tree, without making her a must pick healer in the actual meta or OP. I'm looking at you, Rehgar. This might be just another post that will get lost in the Reddit oblivion. But, hey! At least we could have a good discussion about such a controversial hero again, don't we?

I hope the Scarlet Crusaders of the nexus will be satisfied someday.

Special thanks to:

u/AnemoneMeer for his great posts on this subreddit, a true Whitemane's champion!

u/pepperpig_ow and u/cyx19961114 for some ideas and a recognition to all those Whitemains that have stood up in the nexus.

And of course, a very special recognition to our developers, the ones that have listened to our pleas and have forgiven our sins. For the Scarlet Crusade!

TL; DR: Whitemane is on an almost perfect spot, she only needs some adjustments.

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