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The yearly stimpack NEEDS to be refunded.

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - The yearly stimpack NEEDS to be refunded.

It is quite clear to anyone in business, that at the time the stimpack was advertised for a black Friday special, at least one, if not more people at Blizzard knew that the professional scene was ending, and that developers were being moved off the project. This promotion was thus done in extremely bad faith. While the game is not ending. at this point it seems that the quantity of heroes, new items, etc. will all decrease. What is the point of extra gold if only a few heroes are released a year? What is the point of extra XP when the quantity of items in loot chests will likely not increase significantly.

This was all done in bad faith. I highly suggest Blizzard offer the option of refunding the stimpack, at a prorated amount (i.e. at a rate of the 11 months remaining). To do so otherwise invites bad publicity to the whole company. As someone that spends about $250 per Hearthstone expansion, the money matters to me less than the principle of the situation. But I am happy to not spend a dime in the future until the yearly stimpack situation is rectified to my satisfaction.


Edit: The following is copied from an email message from a Blizzard supervisor. "However we know that there are times where something may come up or a change of heart, but to be considered for a refund in those situations you would need to contact us as soon as possible within a couple of days, not weeks from the purchase. So in looking at this situation and the purchase being made weeks ago, we are unable to offer a refund. I can understand why you would have a concern about a good faith purchase, but we are honoring that purchase, you have the benefits of the Stimpack for the full year duration, the game will be around and will be playable. Your purchase was made in good faith and is honored that way. "

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tl;dr If Blizzard made their announcement three weeks ago, we would have gotten refunds. Instead, it seems they chose to wait until they no longer had to give a refund. Classy.

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