Heroes of the Storm

There no longer exists a viable competitive game mode (and won’t exist for months)

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - There no longer exists a viable competitive game mode (and won't exist for months)

I'm defining competitive game mode where progress is tracked (aka ladder) and opponents are matched against one another of near equal skill).

Last season Blizzard introduced solo queueing into Team League which was great for that game mode but it unfortunately cannibalized Hero League.

Now queueing for Hero League in prime time will give you queue times of upwards of twenty minutes in a major region (NA west). I shudder to think what this looks like in a minor region. This makes the only competitive game mode almost unplayable.

To add insult to injury, the combination of Team League and Hero League into one queue doesn't appear to be coming next season (which starts next week). This translates into Hero League being nigh abandoned for months as Blizzard won't make changes mid-season.

So let's run down the game modes:

  • Quick Match (now has queue time issues and MMR averaging makes it non-competitive)
  • Unranked Draft (MMR averaging makes it non-competitive)
  • Team League (boosting and smurfing make it non-competitive. If matching on highest MMR player you're still gonna have rainbow games which makes it non-competitive)
  • Hero League (No longer viable with queue times upwards of twenty minutes in a major region. In a minor region it's completely unplayable)
  • Brawl (Does MMR even exist here and come on it's a brawl)

This leaves no viable competitive game mode left to play. The entire game has become casual.

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