Heroes of the Storm

These pictures will show you the pathetic state of quickmatch and why the game is dying

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - These pictures will show you the pathetic state of quickmatch and why the game is dying

Today I came back from a break to play HOTS. One of my friends, a totally new player, level 23, barely owns any heroes, wanted to play HOTS with me so I played quickmatch with him on one of my other lower mmr accounts hoping he can have some fun learning the game and decide to invest more time into it, because HOTS is honestly a really beautiful and fun game.

In our first game, we got completely stomped. End of match, as expected, enemy team was a 5-stack party with an insane winrate. Okay no problem, we were probably unlucky. I made sure to check the 5-stack's status after the game and waited until they were in a game before we started queuing again (although nobody should have to do this).

Next game, we lost to normal players, so this was a normal game.

Then next game we got stomped by another 5-stack. I made sure to avoid them again before queuing. Next game, stomped by another 5-stack.

So at this point I'm getting really fucking annoyed. My friend is obviously not enjoying himself. I think HOTS is a wonderful game and I want him to like it.

I checked the match history of the 5-stacks being matched against us, my friend, a level 23 player who owns less than 5 heroes. This is the match history of the 5-stack:

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mxc719velnf61 - These pictures will show you the pathetic state of quickmatch and why the game is dying







Blizz, I think the pictures speak for themselves.

There are 5-stacks whose full-time job is ruining the game experience of others. They do this ALL THE TIME, look at the number of games played. How many players do you think quit HOTS every week because of this? Guys if you're going to reply to this thread, answer this question.

Oh btw genji being the only defeat in that sea of wins is funny as well, because genji is another running joke, a dumpster hero for 2+ years with horrible talent diversity and ignored every single patch except for that previous undeserved nerf.

Oh and after that we actually got a fun game we won. But you know what? I bet it wasn't fun AT ALL for the enemy team because just look at their fucking team comp. Cho'gall + 3 tanks, seriously?


So the 2 biggest and most glaring problems of quickmatch:

  1. 5-stacks (and btw big parties not only can control their own draft, they can control the enemy draft as well, e.g. they can pick a chain-stun comp while purposely avoiding a tank and the enemy team will not have a tank to deal with it)
  2. Lack of drafting, horrible team comps, every game is a dice roll RNG

I know quickmatch defenders will downvote this post but I really don't care at this point. Quickmatch should have had a draft option YEARS ago. Even a blind draft would make quickmatch a far better game, or an option to allow certain players to fill. There have been so many suggestions on possible ways to make quickmatch team comps better and how many have blizz tried? None.

You know the reason why the forum and reddit are filed with quickmatch defenders? I'll tell you why. They're the minority who can tolerate the complete steaming pile of crap that is quickmatch.

Everyone else who couldn't stand quickmatch quit the game a long time ago.

I've played Dota Turbo and League's blind draft, both their extremely casual modes have drafting and they offer a far better experience than HOTS, despite HOTS being a better game.

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