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They’ll never listen, so why keep playing?

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - They'll never listen, so why keep playing?

Level 600, have the Alpha badge, got the Billie goat. Today was basically the straw that broke the camels back.

1.) You didn't listen to us Alpha players when we told you not to go the loot box route.

2.) You didn't listen when we begged you not to put AI in real games.

3.) You didn't listen when we told you to not USE US AS GUINEA PIGS for your damn AI.

4.) You didn't listen to basically every single comment about how broken Mines until way later, and still haven't listened when it came to Bay.

5.) You didn't listen when we told you how problematic Zeratuls kit was (and still is, but now at least you can't just auto-snipe merc camps)

6.) You didn't listen when it came to stealth mechanics, wards, or literally anything to do with fog of war. There's STILL graphical glitches where you can see abilities through fog.

7.) Genji & Tracer.

8.) You didn't listen, and still haven't about the EXP changes, the ammo changes, or the map changes. It doesn't take a genius to realize that maybe you shouldn't be able to snipe the well before the minion wave comes in. Or that you shouldn't be able to one man dive someone before the first tier talent is available.

9.) You didn't listen about QM, where a good chunk of us said to keep it to draft only and to not have QM at all.

10.) You didn't listen about 2.0, and how the store really fucked over people who bought and paid for things. Legacy players would constantly get fucked over for being early adopters to your bullshit.

11.) You didn't listen about ranked, even though there was PLENTY of data on how to do ranked at least reasonably well from games such as DOTA2. Ranked is STILL a mess.

12.) You didn't listen about replays and how big of a problem they are.

13.) Or disconnects.

14.) Or leavers.

15.) Or AFKERs

16.) You didn't listen about ally displacements (heres a hint: put a checkmark that lets you ignore allied pulls. This game gets constantly ruined by Garrosh/Aundin constantly trolling their team mates to their death).

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17.) Raynor's entire talent tree is a be all end all case of why whoever designs your talents should've been fired from the get go. Ace in the Hole and Unstable Compound as a combo holds Raynor back and makes sure none of his other talents will see even remotely the same amount of play.

18.) Guldans Rain Ult.


19.) Diablo in general. Why you guys thought it was okay to have a tank with 0 counter play is dumb. It doesn't matter if he has a 50% win rate. Giving one character a self res, high health, high damage, and multiple CC makes Diablo one of the most picked Tanks in the game. The only reason why ETC is picked over Diablo is that Diablo's ultimates are way, way shitty. Giving a character shitty ultimates as a way to balance them out is dumb as hell.

20.) Stupid fucking ultimates that should of never been introduced in the game in the first place. BFG pre-nerf, Void Prison which is an instant multi-second AOE stun that can't be cleansed or reducd, Pre-Nerf Odin being too strong. After-Nerf Odin being too weak. The list goes on. Rain of destruction, which is so bad and still is so bad that it gets its own spot in its list, because what the fuck were you guys thinking?

21.) $20 for a box of Chromas on one character. The fuck?

22.) $20 for ANYTHING in this game, period.

23.) QM always being a shit show. It's like people don't remember when HOTS actually had a player base. 3 years ago, QM wasn't great, but it was fine for dicking around. Now it's a DPS shit-show. Just suck it up, and get rid of it. It shouldn't of been there in the first place.

That's all I can think of, but there's so much more. People may roll their eyes at this list. They might downvote it – but the point is simple. They don't listen. And it shows.

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It shows because they shut down the E-Sports scene. It shows because every single one of their games, Overwatch excluded, is hemorrhaging players like no tomorrow. It shows when they STILL haven't fixed the reconnect or replay system.

They don't listen, and now it's too late. I loved this game, and I tried to stay in love with it, but the people making this game don't love it back. If they did, they'd of listened.

If I had the chance, I wouldn't of even bothered with this game anymore. Because I tried playing a game where the developers don't listen, and I'm tired of it now.

I really suggest that anyone else whose played since Alpha to do the same: It's no longer the same game that you love. It just took me a long time to see it.

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