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This game can’t take a break. An opinion on current and past events, and a comment about for/the devs.

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - This game can't take a break. An opinion on current and past events, and a comment about for/the devs.

So I wanted to write some thoughts. This is an opinion, and as it is, don't take it as anything other than an opinion.

no tl;dr, it's an opinion.

The Announcement, made after Blizzcon 2018, resulted in the developer team effectively gutted to half and the game's population suffering a really big hit. The game was on a slow, but sure upwards trend, 2018 being its best year, and after The Announcement it basically stopped and hindered most of the progress of that year.

Two or three months into 2019, people started to come back, realizing that there isn't anything like HOTS out there. We got what I like to call HOTS 1.0 (proper Roles and Ranked), because let's face it, the game was always on Beta state. And mid-2019, it seemed that progress was, again, a bit steady and we were recovering from The Annoucement.

Until we were faced with The Situation.

The Situation caused a massive, justified uproar against Blizzard as an entity. HOTS's population will again take a hit and probably lose all the progress made in 2019. The numbers on the subreddit are already down from last month.

The game's perception was always bad. I've said it a million times, but being the Anthrax/Slayer of Thrash Metal isn't bad at all. It's not like it's the Mudhoney of Grunge. But the difference is that "gamers" are, in a sense, literal trash (unlike Anthrax or Slayer). If you're not the absolute #1 in your genre at all times in any given time, your game is dead.

Dead as Warframe, which, according to "gamers" metrics, should be dead because it has half the HOTS viewerbase unless it's an official stream. So very dead. Ded ded ded.

The game tried the best to establish itself as "the alternative", but it failed at delivering a proper experience mainly because many reasons that really don't matter at this point.

But the saddest thing of them all, in my opinion, is that of the current dev team – say, the team that got left after The Announcement. They basically took the game and reworked it to be more competitive, resulting in most heroes being playable at competitive level. I think no one would have imagined to see Chen in competitive. If HGC ever comes back, I'm sure there will be harsh feedback because the game is way more dynamic now.


They are doing these massive, massive balance patches, and doing everything they can within their limited budget to finally fix longstanding issues with Ranked and the client on itself. Sure, it takes a while but it shows that they really care.

And it's super sad that The Situation inevitably hit HOTS. HOTS lives in the Nexus, a sort of limbo where anything can happen. Like Hearthstone, it's a place in constant struggles, but it's completely free of politics and mostly just friendly tug of war between two entities.

So, what's the take away from all this?

The Situation is not the fault of HOTS devs. I'm sure that internally they must really hate it they want to come out and say what they want to say, but they can't. Please be reminded that currently the HOTS team is the team with less power in Blizzard, because Diablo is about to release a new game.

But regardless of everything, I'll keep playing the game. I really like it. But I thought a bit on why I play it, and I found this:

  • I don't play it for my friends, they all left.
  • I don't play it for the community – thought it's awesome on some places, it's overall very defeatist and biased against the game for my taste.
  • I don't play it for the game itself – sure, I really like the mechanics, but let's be honest here: Dota 2 got, in the recent Battle Pass, more features than we had in 2-3 years.

It seems that after all, I play it for the devs. I'm a fan of these people and what they're doing with the game.

A comparison would be, what if you're fan of a specific footballer and he gets transfered to the opposite club? What would you do? Would you stop cheering for that person and stay with the club or will you keep cheering for the footballer?

I would keep cheering for that person, the same way I keep cheering for the HOTS team, regardless of the slowing sands pit they're in.

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