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HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Thoughts on Anduin

I spent a good amount of time playing Anduin on the PTR yesterday. I have to say, in his current form he is going to be very strong in ranked play. Allow technically not a multi-class hero, he seems to have builds that put an emphasis on damage or healing.

As a healer, Anduin has a nice kit. His main healing ability is unlike most in that it has a cast time which can be interrupted. If interrupted, it can shut him down pretty easily. But his D ability allows him to pull a hero towards him that could act as a body block to prevent this from happening.

Divine Star offers a nice amount of healing AOE as long as the party is in its path. It is nice because he can move to place himself behind his party if they move so they get healed. Great for team fights, much more forgiving than Uther's skill shot healing.

Chastise is a nice touch, more so for his damage build (especially with the talent that increases your movement speed when you do basic attack damage). Being able to chase down a hero trying to survive and rooting them in place allows time for your assassins to come in and make work if Anduin hasn't killed them already.

Holy Word: Salvation is going to be a strong healing ability. Healing up your tanks 25% of their maximum health while granting them protection will make team fights with DVA much easier to manage.


Lightbomb is great for damage and the 1.25 second stun provided can really change a team fight.

He also has a few activated talents, one being light well that creates a healing well for all players nearby. This is good for split maps where he needs to be at two places at one time. You could drop a healing well at one of the dragon shrines and head down to the bottom while someone defends.

His damage at this time seems overtuned. I wouldn't be surprised if they nerfed his damage, or reduced his healing while building damage similar to Varian's multi-class talents on release. I could easily kill any enemy hero solo with Anduin. Many talents increase his basic attack damage. Another strong talent turns Divine Star into an AOE monster assuming there are enemies in range.

Being able to pull a hero out of harms way can save a hero, especially if you have Hold Word instantly healing them 25% up and protecting them. There is a talent that gives Leap of Faith two charges.

TL;DR – Anduin is a strong healer, his DPS will most likely be nerfed at release or if you build damage, his healing output will be reduced.

Thank you!

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