Heroes of the Storm

Thoughts on talents/abilities that grant temporary stealth?

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Thoughts on talents/abilities that grant temporary stealth?

Buffing teammates with temporary stealth is an underutilized mechanic right now. Aside from the handful of characters who are stealth or can cast it on themself, there are 3 characters who can cast it on their team, 2 of which come as level 20 talents which makes their usage infrequent.

While useful, stealth is a competitive but underwhelming option at the 20 tier and should be implemented earlier in the game.

I would also argue that there is opportunity to explore stealth buffs further with a character who has a stealth buff as a basic ability built into their kit. One of the main reasons to do this is to encourage players to coordinate effectively while stealthed and get the most out of the ability.

Before continuing, in HOTS terminology:

"Stealth" – Outline "Invisible" – No character outline "Unrevealable" – Unbreakable invisible

The 3 buffs currently are

Brightwing – Level 20 – > – length unsure? 1 teammate.

Tyrande – Level 10 – > 10 seconds of stealth all teammates.

Medivh – Level 20 – > – 40 seconds of stealth 1 teammate.

As mentioned earlier, BW and Medivh stealth buffs are competitive but not clear-cut options at the 20 tier, I would personally be fine with adding it BW's normal blink heal at 10. Tyrande's buff comes at level 10 and affects all allies.


One of the main reasons I am writing this post is that outside of 5-person groups on comms, the player base has not developed the instinct to recognize what a powerful engage Shadowstalk is. Either Tyrande players don't use it on approach, or more often the rest of the team does not see it as a time to be aggresive as they would with a nano boost or stim pack.

A character who has a stealth buff spell built into their kit would naturally force the player base to adjust. It would also make for nice synergy with the permastealth characters to bring them back into mainstream.

Some options to do this would be Lady Vashj, Velen, Overmind or Mengsk.

Also worth mentioning:

Valeera – Level 10 – > –

"Smoke" is a cool environmental change that should be utilized more the same way Sleep was introduced into the game. One of the main benefits of the smoke/stealth mechanics is that you can not be targeted by enemy auto attacks which would make for good counter play options.

A natural candidate for addition of Smoke to their kit would be Ana. I would find it very exciting if you could talent Smoke into > to help Ana make more plays from long distance, particularly to help teammates escape and stop tanks from getting melted too easily by a good AA

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