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Tiers skill differences

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Tiers skill differences


as a low plat player I am curious what are the different skills of people on different ranks.

I found this, dated two years ago. Is it still accurate or are there things that are outdated, have shifted, etc.?

Also, I know that it cannot be generalized easily and there are still differences, but if we try to roughly summarize it without discussing how it cannot be done. 🙂


Old message copied from this reddit from Phoenixed:

  • Bronze is the wonderland – anything you can imagine exists there. They have no clue how the game works. You have people not mounting, standing still in the middle of lane while taking damage, not knowing what objectives, soak, camps, globes or anything else is. It's just random noise and chaos. Basically "Twitch plays HotS".
  • Silver somewhat knows how the game works but they play as if every HUD element is disabled. So no healthbars, no minimap, no levels, no timers, no cooldowns, no talent descriptions. They can't count up to 5 either. While bronze doesn't press buttons at all, silver presses every button once it's available.
  • Since gold is average, there's not much to say. It looks like they try to play the game the correct way but fail. They have the HUD but ignore it most of the time. I noticed that golds also tend to hyperfocus on one thing and forget everything else. Someone will know about soaking, so they will never ever leave the lane (as a tank). Someone will know about taking camps so they will never ever leave the jungle (as a support). They don't see the wider picture and don't think about value, tradeoffs or long-term consequences.
  • Platinum is the worst. Since they're the first league that's above average and because they start to have people who watch streams or read guides, they think they know it all. They also are huge meta slaves, so when something doesn't work out they immediately look who to blame since they're themselves are "doing the correct thing". They try to imitate the pro plays but end up doing it wrong. They take camps but at the wrong time, in the wrong order. They go for flashy plays and trades which are not worth the risk. They take meta heroes or talents even though situation or their skill capabilities call for something else. If you ask them, "if they're so good then why they are in platinum", the answer will be "because shitty teammates with troll picks/talents drag me down".
  • Diamond starts to resemble optimal play, you can start seeing stutterstepping, bodyblocking or CC staggering there. There's not much to say apart from that they resemble masters but just make more mistakes and are slower. They might do 4 man rotation between 2 lanes but it will fall apart quickly.
  • Masters is top 1% but there's quite a difference betweeen low and high ones. Lower brackets are no different from diamond while higher ones + GM play the game optimally. Basically they constantly do calculations about where to maximize value. Every camp not taken is lost value. Every minion unsoaked is lost value. Every gank not done is lost value. If enemy is pushing side lane as big group, lower ranked players would panic and start rotating to defend. Meanwhile high masters would keep calm and just push other lane to trade since defending is pointless – by the time you come, fort would be already gone. Everyone knows their roles and carry them out. You don't need to tell solo laners to solo lane, gankers to gank or junglers to jungle. People watch levels, minimap and cooldowns before doing anything. There's bush traps, camp invades, coordinated splitpushes.

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