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TIFU by flaming on voice comms

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - TIFU by flaming on voice comms

Had a shit day at work and ran some SL. Was feeling better on a win streak.

Then this game happened.

Enemy was a total troll the game before last and I was wrecking them with my Diablo, I’d ran into them before. Next game they first ban Diablo, and I know they’re going to run Hammer so I show Stitches. Teammate shows Medivh.


The enemy picks Murky, Nova, Lucio, Hammer, and ETC. They b step the entire game. Just toy with my team. Every wipe we get their ETC baits my team to chase and uses Slide through walls to buy time. Wrecking our Medivh. He never finishes quest, dies 10 times. I got 2 portals max for my gorge.

Enemy nova is baiting my hook and uses her clone every time I would have hooked her, then b steps after. Their entire team b steps. Eventually my team has given up and the enemy won’t end the game. Just keeps toying with us for 20 minutes after game should have ended. Literally in our base with core at 20% and they’re b stepping.

I notice everyone in voice chat. I hop in and the first thing I hear is 10 death Medivh saying I’m the worst player he’s ever seen and “gg iFlameThrowaway”. Keeps going o and his buddy in chat agrees. At this point I go off.

I had been hitting a lot of good hooks with no follow up on squishies, got next to no portals when I gorged, and he even saved the enemy from our teams spells with Leyline. Kept pinging me when I missed a hook or when he died.

I’m a level headed guy who doesn’t rage quit or acknowledge toxic chat. At most I say, “we got this,” and move on. Sure every month or so I get a game where I have some “dialogue” with a teammate but that’s the most of it. I laugh off the trolls and toxicity 99% of the time.

Not this time.


I flamed like I had never flamed before. Banged my table a couple times. I told Medivh that he’s a hard stuck plat who needs to shut up and listen, with a lot more expletives. To be exact, one of the phrases was, “listen you whining btch, no, no, you shut your pretty mouth before I fck it.” I told him my grandma plays a better Medivh. I said he’s so bad he couldn’t finish Q quest with a Nova spamming all her clones. Every time someone tried to speak up in comms I kept ranting and telling everyone to shut up so I could keep yelling at Medivh. I leave voice chat and block Medivh when I’m done.

My girlfriend comes in after a sec and asks if everything’s ok, tries to get me to calm down.

When I get out of the game one of the trolls on enemy team calls me a n word and just trolls. I slam my hand on the table and let out an angry yell. My girlfriend makes me some of her special lamb curry to cheer me up. I forget the game ever happened and help her in the kitchen.

30 minutes later the cops are at my door on a DV call.

Apparently one of my neighbors heard me screaming and banging on my desk and thought I was fighting my gf. I live in an apartment building with her. I had to explain to 3 grown cops that I was yelling and banging on my desk because of a children’s video game. Had to knock on my neighbors doors to tell them the same and apologize in shame.

I really hope the people who I played against lose a sock in the dryer every time they do their laundry.

Every time I walk out my apartment I feel shame in case one of my neighbors see.

Lesson learned, don’t lose my shit or cops will skrrt.

TLDR: I yelled at teammate and neighbors thought I was fighting my girlfriend, called the cops and I have brought shame upon the family.

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