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Time to take another year long break from tracers nonsense…

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Time to take another year long break from tracers nonsense...

blah blah blah hero league is better then quick match blah blah blah what ever go away I don't care what you tracer lovers think either.

after 391 games as death wing (quick match is all I play, I never play hero league, I never play ai, so to me ''hero league this'' and ''hero league that'' means absolutely nothing and you are of no interest to me during this rant), I can be pretty certain im not speaking just for me when I say, ''tracer is a cancerous piece of shit'' and im getting really super tired of her f**king nonsense.

''stahp making tracer hate threads blah blah''

yea well when tracer first came out, how many years ago? 4? I took a good year and six months long break after loosing 10 times in a row to the same tracer player 0 to 10, 52 kills 38 assists and 0 deaths in the final game of 10, garbage…. absolutely retarded garbage. and now its time to take another long break. after 8 games in a row versus tracers and 8 loses, I've decided im tired of hots now, again. thanks tracer. il come back later.

57% win rate as death wing ima tell you something — tracer can attack you out side your basic melee range…. she can ALSO walk faster then you can…. which means? well, either you use onslaught to chase her (doesn't always work too well but it can occasionally work 50/50) onslaught to run away (doesn't work at all ever you might as well kill ur self) use your extremely long cool down ultimate cataclysm to run away (only works some times ) or you just wander slowly towards her (doesn't work at all she attacks you deals damage and just slinks away while doing it ) or you can walk slowly away from her (doesn't really work she just attacks you and follows you from behind attacking you while moving right into your gate/recall),

you see, death wing, has a passively slower walk speed, then every body else. in the entire game. it makes keeping up with ur team mates really hard when they are over zealous, but it also makes sense, like lunaras movement speed difference in that she is FASTER then every body else because she cant mount up, so she is faster then un mounted heroes. im cool with this, this makes sense. even I cant get mad about lunaras as death wing. they adorably deer prance away and im just fine with it. its a little tiny bit annoying but its also kind of cute and when I do get melee hits on lunaras they actually feel like they do something to her, she may prance away and do one projectile or two at a time, but onslaught does a pretty good job catching up to her and cataclysm is the anti lunara at times, covering enough area in flames to prevent leaping strike from saving her, getting her with the aoe ground damage because the area is bigger then her leaps distance thus she is doomed no matter who she leaping strikes over as long as they stand in the flames.

but death wing is SLOWER then every hero in the game, alot slower. this is supposedly fair because he can ''take flight'' once every 45 seconds as long as hes not taking or dealing damage, but the ''global teleport'' landing is never going to be as good as tracers one billion trillion invulnerability blinks/recalls.

her bullets are not effected by death wings level 1 plate passive talent known as ''draconic might'', as her damage quite clearly kills you even as you hear the ping sound of 1 or sometimes 2 plates activating at once. and her time bomb cuts through up to 2 plates and kills you any way, effectively ignoring your level 1 passive talent… ive seen it happen to me personally over 25 30 maybe 50 times. tracers basic attacks, melee attacks, and time bomb all cut through draconic might. unlike other types of damage, such as butchers basic attacks when branded, if you have plates to spare, he will not heal off you while ''protected'' because you do not take damage when you are ''protected'' for 0.75 seconds and thus butcher can and will often die when he tries to butcher brand you as death wing, because he is not healing. he is not healing because he is not dealing damage, not so with tracers spells. or basic attacks.

many MANY MANY times I catch my death wing'd self walk past tracer because her hit box is so stupidly small even right clicks are difficult. even if you do catch a right click on her, her blinks can glitch out your melee attacks as death wing, by blinking before the melee attack animation is complete, or by simply walking away from you in time to trigger the ''she is too far away to melee attack'' event spending no blinks to evade ur basic melee attacks, by wobbling in and out of death wings melee attack range, this is extremely fucked up, disappointing as hell, annoying. unfun. glitched to all shit and unpleasant to watch and dare I say a ''shitty'' feeling way to ''lose''.

I have about 4 – 5 friends who all confided to me that certain heroes like lucio, DVA, li ming and (WHAT A SURPRISE?!?!) are heroes they now wont play hots any more because they are tired of them, tired of losing to them, or just tired of the shitty game mechanics of said heroes ''dodge un avoidable orbs out soak/ignore lucio/focus stuns on tracer/focus tracer after recalls/ copy paste more nonsense that doesn't help here ect ect ect blah blah blah.''

yea sure, just some ''tracer hate thread'' what ever. do what ever you want. I personally see alot of hate for tracers nonsense and I fully support that hate she may be squishy but as death wing I never hit her with any thing and with abathur hat + medic + lucio + dva its pure 1v5 nonsense. and this isnt just ''me'' as ''death wing'' this is across the board from many different players as many different heroes and play styles and countries all of whome dislike or hate tracer, and as of lately more specifically dva and lucio. and the three together dva lucio tracer is the biggest most retarded pile of attack while moving unplayable 24/7 boop shove trash I have ever seen and trying to fight against that as death wing is basically useless and a waste of time.

but enough ranting time to help my fellow death wings, for those of you trying to play death wing because he is big and slow and dum but secretly you want to do something different other then 24/7 valla/raynor and you are dualing tracer as death wing unsuccessfully like I was heres some (in my opinion) tips for dealing with tracer as death wing from doing it on and off for 3 years or so:


level 1 Draconic might. useless against tracer, as she cuts through it with all her damage, by design or flaw I am un certain, but its mandatory against every one else, specifically butcher. without it you cannot 1v1 certain characters at level 1-5 thus soaking is so important yet you cannot do it because you are 50% dead all day every day without this, you're sustain is melee attacks on enemy heroes, thats how I do it, if they are in range, melee hit them, heal what ever when ever you can. you wont out heal the entire team 1v5, but you will out heal the damage of some melee tank characters like anub'arak and muradin. which makes for interesting duels that you would other wise not expect.

Onslaught. onslaught is you're friend, never change forms, you must always stay in destroyer form. onslaught is too important to avoiding li ming orbs, eating li ming orbs for you're friends, kael's flame strikes, and other high damage spells/bad situations such as getting away from butcher if you have butchers brand on you and of course the most important reason tracer, its also good for positioning on molten flame so you can dual characters like guldans life drain, as molten flame out damages life drain and you will win, but you'd do better if you onslaught out of guldans life drain if you cant afford to fight him. onslaught is your only escape from certain bad or very bad aoe spells. and its useful to jump into bad things to eat them like chromies sand blasts so your 99% dead friends don't have to. or so an orb only kills you and not all 4 of you. there are alot of uses for onslaught, but tracer is by far among the most important in my view. without onslaught you have no chance, of catching her or getting away, its much more useful for catching tracer then it is for escaping tracer. if you are running away from her as death wing its over. the blinks will out range/out cool down your onslaught every time.

try to catch unweary tracers with molten flames from bushes, onslaughts from bushes, or walk backwards faking a retreat and onslaught ontop of tracers as they try to catch health globes or as they follow too close behind you, the damage from a successful landing of onslaught + one melee attack will way out damage tracers self heal on a globe, and that can help in the long run when stuck soloing tracer. simply repeat the same thing 4 or 5 times til they get the idea, and run away at 25%.

Death Wing is BIG! very big, use this to you're advantage. by standing ontop of enemy health globes, either forcing tracer to get close enough to melee hit her in order for her to get the globe, or by denying it all together, and taking it for your self. turns out deathwings size is so big that occasionally health globes will time out rather then pass to the enemy tracer ''through'' your death wings body. very useful to know in clutch battles, where a kill is decided by one globe. you may take more damage trying to steal/deny a globe then you other wise would but sometimes its worth it.

Earth shatter is useless. it was great in dota 1, it was great in dota 2, it was great when the lines were wider and it had 4 lines instead of 2, but now it has only 2 really narrow lines and its useless against tracer. it may have occasional uses against characters like guldan and ETC, especially since mosh pit does not stun you so you have the opportunity to save your entire team if bellowing roar is not available. but out of about 150 to 200 attempted tries of earth shatter, my self personally, on tracers, ive hit a tracer only once ever, thats how bad this spell is against tracer, a virtually 100% miss rate. over 99.5% by my math for me, I don't know if thats because I am bad, or if its because earth shatters wide angle cone combined with its very narrow cast lines combined with tracers very small hit box, and all her mobility and wigglyness as well as blinks and recalls means this spell does not help you much against her. stick with onslaught.

Incinerate is not as high damage as lava burst, however tracer can stand in the pools and cast blink without taking any damage as long as they blink in between the pools damage ticks. this is because the pools deal damage over time and have gaps in between the ''ticks'' and even if tracer stands on the pools edge she can and will avoid virtually every one of your pools. Incinerate on the other hand somehow manages to help against tracer quite often, its not terribly useful against every hero, only low health ones, like nova especially for the reveal (lets face it stealth sucks now and isnt even really stealth any more), and when combined with onslaught, and a melee attack, makes for a nice 3'rd source of damage that can get the tracers before they can cast final clutch blinks, recalls, or time bombs and can get them even if they are out side of your melee attack range, since your incinerate has a wider range radius then your basic attacks range, alot of tracers don't know that, nor would it matter because the range of incinerate out ranges their basic attacks, one of you're only real options against tracers as they blink past you or blink past ur melee attack range is incinerate.

level 10. bellowing roar, always. tracer casts recall alot, and people will keep telling you to earth shatter but trust me its bellowing roar that seals the deal, you cant cast bellowing roar for 4 seconds after landing from flight, how ever you can cast it immediately after casting cataclysm. use cataclysm to surprise tracers from odd side angles and once cataclysm is over cast bellowing roar, you can occasionally catch tracers before they get the chance to use recall. Bellowing roar is not as good as guldans variant horrify, since horrify can be cast from much further away. How ever bellowing roar is much more useful against tracer then burn beneath my shadow is by a long shot. you can also use bellowing roar to save your friends, and even cancel certain things like kaels pyroblast mid channel, preventing him from sniping ur friends who other wise might not get away, as well as other channel abilities like nazeboos vengful spirit and li mings disintegrate.

over all death wing is very fun to play, on occasion, I have played alot of him, and I will admit I love the idea of a big slow but scary dragon with alot of health and damage, but even after all this time he still isnt much good against tracer. and tracer is un fun to play against. just my opinion.

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