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Tips on how to deal with Samuro.

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Tips on how to deal with Samuro.

In these recent times, the subreddit has seen a major rise in posts about Samuro being frustrating to face, or asking how to counter him. Here, i intend to try and give a helping hand into how to actually deal with the frustration he causes, as well as how to minimize the impact he can have on a match.

When wanting to deal with Samuro, the first thing one needs to do is analyze what his role is in a team, and what his characteristics are:

  • He is an flank offlaner first and foremost, this means that the 4man won't be seeing him much, and when they do, it will most likely be through a flanking position directly into the backline (does not mean he can't focus the frontline, he absolutely can)

  • He contributes no CC, no poke, no engage, etc, he only brings damage, and he can only deal this damage through Melee Auto Attacks. Moreover, his burst options are all relatively weak, so this damage will be of a more sustained nature

  • He has only one gap closer, and another one he can talent into, he has chase potential but it is relatively weak and of a linear, predictable nature

  • He has two ways to self-cleanse status and damage over time effects, as well as an extremely reliable and solid escape

  • His health pool is tiny, and thus highly vulnerable to burst damage

So now that we know what he does, we can start discarding counters:

  • Soft CC effects like Blinds or Slows won't really have the desired impact, as he can cleanse them at will (unless they can be repeatedly applied within a short time-span, like for example, Thrall's Earthquake). *One notable exception is Arthas, who's short effective range allows Samuro to bypass him at need)

  • Hard point and click CC effects will work almost flawlessly, but the catch is one needs to land them on the correct Samuro while having reliable followup present. This is highly unlikely and Samuro himself has tools to outplay these (they tend to have short range), so they will be unreliable at best, and thus not an option.

  • Area of Effect damage: A common thought process is that Samuro, being dependent on multiple bodies to survive, will be weak to are of effect spells that can damage him and his Images at the same time. The problem here is that Samuro can fully nullify this aspect with basic Image micro, so going this route implies placing the effectiveness of your strategy in the hands of the enemy Samuro player, instead of your own. Betting on the enemy being unskilled is not a good winning strategy

  • Stacking Quests: Similarly to Area of Effect spells, it's a common thought process that because Samuro can spawn additional bodies, one can benefit from these to stack off whatever quests. The problem here is the same as above, Samuro can adapt his game strategy to minimize or fully deny this aspect. Betting on the enemy Samuro feeding you quests is again not a good winning strategy.

  • Reveals: The thing about reveals is they directly enable targeted hard CC to work reliably. And nothing else, all they really do is change the playing field for Samuro, but they don't stop him from getting a kill or having an impact. Reveals become deadly only when reliable followup exists, Diablo is a great example of this.

So, what does work then?

  • Peel heavy heroes: Samuro's burst opening is not that great (not enough to kill someone outright) and his means of staying in and chasing aren't great either, so heroes that are competent at peeling allies, like Tyrael, can consistently deny Samuro's pressure by helping his allies disengage from him.

  • Knockbacks: These are one of the best ways to deal with Samuro. They not only instantly nullify his damage output but also disengage him from combat instantly AND interrupt his micro, meaning they force Samuro to re-input all commands (even queued ones). Heroes like Lucio for example cover both this and the above category, and massively mitigate Samuro's ability to be impactful and get kills.

  • Space Management: Samuro as a hero is all about managing space, so naturally, counter playing Samuro is also about denying him said space. Heroes like Blaze can simply throw an Oil and give their back line an invaluable resource to help them easily kite Samuro and make him a null threat. There's tons of other examples, really, there's lots of them.


Samuro is a hero largely focused on outplay and player potential, what he can or can't do isn't so much defined by the hero picks as it is by a player's own skill, as well as the skill of his enemy team.

Too often (and this comes regardless of regions or ranks) people's mentality when it comes to trying to deal with Samuro is to try and punish/kill him.

This is mainly the reason why he appears as so frustrating and why he boasts such high winrates regardless of how incredibly useless he can be in reality.

Samuro shines when he's the center of attention of the enemy team, he shines when people are actually going after him and trying to force him into a mistake to then swiftly kill and punish him, because then his kit's main strength (being nearly impossible to kill) shines, and he can have an impact through wasting the time, mana and skills of the enemy team

Sometimes you don't have to kill a hero to gain an advantage. Sometimes all you really need to do is to throw in a couple of zoning/peeling spells, and focus more on their teammates, doing this and realizing that Samuro really doesn't have the means to be very impactful outside of people either minding him too much, or too little, will greatly help at dealing with him.

For example, ignoring a hero like Alarak can get your entire team instantly killed, but Samuro just doesn't have those capabilities, instead, his strength largely lies at not dying, but by giving him little attention and simply peeling him off whenever he shows up. His biggest ability is thus largely negated.

It's a bit similar to Murky in a sense, he shines when he's either paid no attention, or when he's paid too much attention, because the hero is strong at both extremes.

It's the same for Samuro, it's all about giving him as little attention as you can realistically give him, more so when considering that whether he lives or dies is irrelevant, because he can't deny any macro advantage to the enemy team at all, nor can he contest dedicated pushes.

All in all, same as how you need a different mentality when playing with The Lost Vikings or Abathur, you also need a different mentality when facing Samuro. Picking things like Stacking Quests or other supposed counters puts the Samuro player in a position of control, because you are now officially giving him the attention he wants.

Samuro will be 10x more scared of a Raynor with strong self peel, range and damage, than he will be of a Zul'jin player, who wants to chase him around the map to try and stack off of him.

That entire time the enemy team has been playing Samuro's game, and following his rules instead of forcing in their own, sure it can be fun to get stacked to hell and back thanks to Samuro but that's entirely a mistake on his part, and that Zul'jin (or ) is only punishing Samuro's mistake and nothing more.

Hopefully this was of help, thanks for reading and feel free to ask any doubts about him, i'm always happy to answer.

PS: Devs, please keep tuning Samuro, playstyle diversity is in a really bad spot since the rework.

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