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Toads n’ Banelings – Brainstorming Zagara & Nazeebo Talents

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Toads n' Banelings - Brainstorming Zagara & Nazeebo Talents

Ideas on effects to add to these abilities through talents, and suggestions on what level they may fit. These are rough and can be balanced any number of ways, including being baked into other talents.

Baneling Barrage

All in all, I think it's a must to have a multi-hit mechanic for Banelings. Either a stacking buff and/or debuff, or an effect taking place after hitting a Hero X times in a short timespan.

  • Rupture (lvl7): Increase the size and explosion Radius of Banelings by 25%, or 50% if they've traveled on Creep for .5 seconds. – Banelings of Hugeness!
  • Layered Carapace (lvl7): Banelings continue traveling after their first explosion and can hit again after .5 seconds. – My least favorite of the bunch, but an idea nonetheless.
  • Baneling Massacre (lvl7): Increase the cooldown of Baneling Barrage to 8 seconds, and it fires 3 Banelings in succession. If a Hero is hit, reduce their cooldown to 6 seconds. – It's old Banelings ala Junkrat's Burst Fire! Bit of PvP control so it doesn't get crazy in pushing.
  • Mind-Numbing Acid (lvl13, replaces Spell Shield): Banelings reduce the Spell Power of enemy Heroes hit by 10% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 30%. – Always thought this'd be a great replacement for this generic talent.

Plague of Toads

Some Diablo upgrades are really handy for these. As a quick note, I thought Toads could have part of Toads of Hugeness baseline, say up to 40%, even a bit of distance increase with each hop. Leaving this here, but now on to new effects.

  • Rain of Toads (lvl1/7): 1 second after Corpse Spiders and Zombie Wall drop, a Toad with 100% explosion radius and damage falls at their location. – Fun and flavorful, tricky to implement. Thought it could replace Thing of the Deep's Spell Power bonus on level 1. If the idea of baseline size increase was implemented, this would read 'full-sized Toad', having synergy with Hugeness.
  • Piercing Toads (lvl7): Toads pierce through enemies for 50% damage, and hop toward Nazeebo 4 times after reaching their destination. – I really, really like the idea of Toads hopping back to Naz. Such an effect could also work without piercing, but would spoil you targeting areas for Toads to explode in. But this is less of an issue when this is next to Toads of Hugeness.
  • Addling Toads (lvl13, replaces Guardian Toads): Toads reduce enemy Hero speed and damage by 20% for 2 seconds. – Armor is fitting for a hero who stacks his health, but something for the team would be far more interesting.
  • Webbed Feet (lvl13) Corpse Spiders creates a web that slows enemies who contact it by 60%. Toads slow enemies by 30% for 2 seconds. – Another slowing consideration.
  • Infestation (lvl16): Toads create a Corpse Spider when hitting Heroes. Every third consecutive Basic Attack against Heroes creates a Toad at Nazeebo's feet directed at the target. – Infested Toads again, with a twist!

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