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Too much negativity lately. So let me just say: Quick match is the best it has ever been

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Too much negativity lately. So let me just say: Quick match is the best it has ever been

1. Thank you for the tank rewards

Sometimes I am down and had a bad day. So when I find out I have time to play heroes of the storm, my favorite game, I might be tempted to do it "for fun" and just pick a hero I like playing and maybe just chill for a bit in Quick Match.

Thanks to the latest QM changes, though, I can finally be stopped from enjoying the game in the wrong way! I open the game and the system goes out of its way to tell me that if I play tank, I am going to get more XP and shorter queue times. And if you don't pick a tank, you can definitely tell! Thanks to this you can finally forget about fun. The point of playing the game is to work! and stress yourself like heck because since you are the team's tank, the survival of the team is 50% on your shoulders. If not for these changes, I would be able to relax from time to time! That's gross.

That's the good thing about video games these days. They are not supposed to be fun. Ya think if video games were fun, people would be paid to play them? Of course not. This is not a video game. This is an ESPORT. And don't you love sports? Everyone loves sports. So thank you Blizzard, now instead of having fun, I will be able to "build character". Afterall, real life is a grind and we want video games, I mean e-sports, to be as realistic as possible, right?

So last night I figured. I wasn't in the mood to play tank. But I still played it. Why? Because of the XP and the faster queue! And why do I want XP? Because more XP = more loot boxes = a chance to save money. And faster queue = time = money!. That's when I realized. I was actually doing something that at the moment I found unpleasant in order to make what's probably worth cents of additional income! So thanks to Heroes of the Storm and the December 2018 Quick Match changes: I have a job now! Thank you!

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2. Thank you for the free time

But what's better than a job? You may ask. A lunch break! Here's a life hack: When I need a rest from my new job, I can just get a friend and we both queue as something that's neither a tank nor a healer. When we do this, the game will reward us with tons of free time. We can go have lunch, and return back to our computers after 20 minutes and then it will finally give us a match.

3. Not losing the spirit of QM

So I know that after these revolutionary changes were announced, some of us were weary of the prospect of losing the interesting match compositions that make QM such a interest part of the game. Sure it's nice to have proper match ups, but sometimes it's nice to have interesting games from time to time.

But that's what's most wonderful about the QM changes. Those wacky compositions that everyone loves, they still are around. So last night, after me and my buddy had a lunch break. We returned back to work and the 21 minutes queue finally ended and we faced an incredible , classic quick match game, with no tanks in either team and one team had ridiculous amounts of burst and the other team had murky. And I teared up a bit at the realization that wacky comps are not gone! In fact, wacky comps are an even more important part of the quick match experience!

4. The exclusive, premium experience

But what's the point of all of this if you don't get to feel special? Well, now that these features are making it clear what kind of game HoTS wants to be. There will be lots of players that will stop queueing to quick match. Making the ones who are left feel a lot more special. Did you want to feel important? Well, now that you are the only poster, you will always be the MVP.

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5. A joint success

Thank you so much! Well done blizzard. But giving credit to blizzard alone would be wrong. I got to thank everybody in the community for their precious feedback that made this possible. All those HoTS youtube personalities were right! It makes complete sense to alter the most popular game mode so that it is more like the least popular game modes. This makes a lot of sense now that you can get to see this implemented.

Thank you!

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