Heroes of the Storm

Top 10 coolest heroes on the bad*ss scale.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Top 10 coolest heroes on the bad*ss scale.

This is a for-fun list about the Heroes personalities, definitely not a tier list. You may never be as cool as these heroes, but you can try.

Honorable mention – Li Ming: This girl's got swagger, she left behind her life at a sunny Caldeum oasis cause she is a badass adventurer. Ming Li is such a boss, she calls out her own kill streaks while showing all her former teachers who the real master is. She's gorgeous AND she knows how to cut loose. Her original character model had her singing karaoke into a microphone upon hearth. Well, no one is perfect.

Honorable mention – Li Li: She may not be *cool* in the traditional sense, but she's the only Nexus hero I would let babysit my kids. Frankly, a good babysitter is really f**king cool.

Now without further adieu, in ascending order…

#10 Abathur: The slug has it all figured out. He's a straight shooter. He owns noobs without even getting off the couch. He's got party hats for everyone, he's Macguyver with the mule, and don't piss him off…He will b**ch slap your ass.

#9 Blaze: Listen to that voice. I'm pretty sure this guy was on a Barry White album. He obviously smokes tough, and if he gets too blazed to fight you can hot box it with him in the bunker. He throws the best parties in the Nexus. Have you sampled his barbecue? It's a taste explosion.

#8 Jim Raynor: Ok, real talk. Of all these freaks Jimmy, is one of the few dudes you could actually chill with. He can drink you under the table at the cantina, he's got a hot girlfriend (sort of) and his car is an effing Battlecrusier. Raynor is the man… He's so manly, they had to make up a special man-word for him called Terran. Also, nobody else has an entourage like this guy. He's sexy too. Ask his sidekick Horner. That dude is practically drooling. The man has "inspire" on his base kit.

#7. D.Va: Ok, D.Va is annoying. But for some reason people love to idolize annoying Mo-fos. See PewDiePie and/or a Kardashian of your choice. She's super popular, hot AF in that probably-makes-us-pedos sort of way. You just got 100% cooler by hanging out with her. Your friends will never believe it, take a (groan) selfie. Oh and she's really good at video games. And she's rich. And she has access to tactical nuclear explosives. As much as I hate it, she makes the list.


#6. Lucio: Despite his burger king kids-club art style, he's one of the dopest dudes in the Nexus. And how negative can you be about the art style that inspired Fortnight? The dude, is a pro skater, so he's like… athletic and stuff. He's light skinned black, and the last time I checked – the dark and handsome type cause girl's panties to drop faster than you can click sound barrier at lvl 10. Did I mention he's a DJ? I heard he's worked with Dre. Dude throws parties for a living.

#5. Azmodan: I don't want to advocate sinful living, but…this dude was having *orgies* while you were still playing with Barbie dolls. Make sure you show up to Blaze's barbecue before this guy. Cause he'll consume every morsel in sight and that's after he wins the competitive eating contest, and puts your ass to shame. Even his shoes are cooler than you. Azmodan, the literal baller who dunks all over EVERYONE! And he never goes anywhere without an entourage.

#4. Alarak: Didn't like his boss so he killed him and took his job. He tired of the "Church of Amon" knocking on his door so, he killed their "god" and became boss of that too. He's got all the sick burns for his friends, and revels in schadenfreude from atop his enemies (erm, everyone). He's into S & M. And don't let the Nexus authorities sweep this under the rug…He's called the HIGH-lord for a reason. He vapes mad Purple Haze before every fight. Like the song says, "smoke terrazine every day". Also, Alarak for president.

#3. ETC: He's a literal ROCKSTAR. 'Nuff said. Well actually he's also a super nice guy too. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Cause that's his sister, dude. Nobody F**ks with the ETC. He's practically the coolest guy in the Nexus.

#2. Chen: The only hero who's super power is getting f**ked up. Lets take a moment of silence to quietly ponder how truly bad ass this guy is. He GETS LIT in the Middle. Of. Team-fights. And sometimes he even wins them. Is there any hero with more bad-ass points then Chen? Barely.

#1. Murky: This is all based on lore so there is no point in arguing. It's right there in his kit. Murky is *The Big Tuna Kahuna*.

Let me know if I missed anyone in the comments. Go forth and bring thy cool into the Nexus

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