Heroes of the Storm

Tournament TODAY | ReGen New Year’s Bash | 4p EST | Academy/Top Amateur Teams

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Tournament TODAY | ReGen New Year's Bash | 4p EST | Academy/Top Amateur Teams

Happy New Year Reddit! ReGen, in partnership with Nexus Gaming Series, want to invite you to watch the ReGen New Year’s Bash taking place TODAY at 4pEST/1pPST! This event is a one-day Charity Tournament in benefit of NEXT STEP SERVICE DOGS (
www.nextstepservicedogs - Tournament TODAY | ReGen New Year's Bash | 4p EST | Academy/Top Amateur Teams

https://www.nextstepservicedogs.org/), a charity that aims to renew the lives of Veterans and First Responders with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and/or Military Sexual Trauma through the training and placement of highly trained service dogs.

8 of the best Academy and Top Amateur teams that you will want to follow during 2021 are ready to square off in this Winner-Take-All Single Elimination Bracket. Let's recap who we have playing today:

30k Black
-MichaelUdall, Jachuggy, Caesarsalad, Breakw00d, ZaneHyde

Anticlown Association
-MyPalVince, Kelsier, Gotfilth, ShreddedWind, jae12321

Chilly Mountain Academy
-Mysticleez, Bkb, Ukkie, JTR, and Tempest

CrowdControl Academy
-Hebi, Tremor, Mokka, MasonBlaze, Infrared

-TTporky, EToby, EKevin, Cookieman, ishb00

Simplicity Esports Academy
-LegacY, FancyPants, CPX, zugrug, ibtingz

Team Alexander
-Hide, Spell, Lockdown, Gondar, Qepi

WildHeart Alpha
-Riokaii, Winterharte, Valamar, ENiGMATiC, DrunkDwarf

All of these orgs as well as our staff of volunteers helping to organize this event would be thrilled to have you there in support of this fantastic cause for NSSD. It'll be a great chance to witness some of these teams for the very first time in a competitive setting as some of them prepare for the NGS Storm Division Qualifiers set to start next week. Others will be hoping to make a name for themselves to find there way onto a CCL roster in 2021!


We have a lot of ways you at home can get involved in this event!

1) Contribute to our Charity Campaign in Benefit of Next Step Service Dogs! – https://tiltify.com/@regen/regen-new-years-bash

2) Contribute to our Community Funded Prize Pool! We have a Partnership with Matcherino (use code RGNYB to add a free donation to the pool) – https://matcherino.com/t/ReGenNewYearsBash

3) If you want to check out the Bracket, head to https://matcherino.com/t/ReGenNewYearsBash

4) Tune in today at 4pEST/1pPST. Two streams hosting all the action all night long! –
https://www.twitch.tv/MurdaRG ,
AeroRG - Tournament TODAY | ReGen New Year's Bash | 4p EST | Academy/Top Amateur Teams

5) Get your bottles of Champagne, Party Hats, Party Poppers, Cheesy New Year’s Glasses (yeah, those ones with the Year written across them), and get ready to yeet 2020 the heck out of here.

Thank you to everyone from ReGen, Nexus Gaming Series, Matcherino, each of the participating orgs, and all of you who will engage with this Charity Event! You all are incredible! See you there!

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