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Tower Targetting and “Acts of Aggression”

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Tower Targetting and "Acts of Aggression"

So in the many posts discussing the tower rework, there's a bunch of people complaining or otherwise expressing frustration with how tower targeting interacts with damage over time abilities. While I understand the frustration, I think there's broad implications for making exceptions to the currently simple formula of "do damage=get shot" that people aren't accounting for. A note: this post is about why damage over time abilities should trigger tower focus every time under the current rules and is not a discussion about whether the tower changes are good or bad.

Lunara is a common discussion point because she was previously a very effective harasser notable for her trait, which does damage over three to nine seconds. This obviously precludes her from entering tower range while her poison is on an enemy hero and is understandably frustrating.

What I want to raise is awareness of how this subject is more complicated than people seem to realize. People like to focus on the "act of aggression" which deserves to provoke tower focus, but the result of that act does not.

To that end, I want to present a number of situations wherein the "act of aggression" takes place outside of tower range, such as Lunara attacking an enemy hero.

In each of these situations a hero is outside of tower range and uses an ability (the act of aggression) on an enemy that is protected by towers, then walks into tower range but takes no other action (the act of aggression has passed, such as Lunara applying her poison)


1: Kael uses living bomb, and the target spreads it to two allies. Should the countdown burn, the first explosion, or chain explosions count as "acts of aggression" and trigger tower focus when Kael moves into range?

2: Cassia casts Ball Lightning on an enemy hero and walks into tower range after the first bounce. Should the only the first bounce trigger tower focus, or should each bounce trigger tower focus?

3: Mephisto casts Durance of Hate and hits an enemy. He moves into tower range and Durance of Hate spreads and hits a second enemy. Should this trigger tower focus?

4: Gul'dan uses Rain of Destruction and walks into tower range, an enemy hero is hit by a meteor. Should this trigger tower focus?

The point here being, there are many abilities with prolonged "aggressive effects" effects that I'm sure many people would rightly say should trigger tower focus but are functionally similar to damage over time effects.

So my questions are as follows: if you think the above situations should trigger tower focus, but a damage over time effect shouldn't, why not, and if you don't think the above situations shouldn't trigger tower focus, why?

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