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HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Towers of Doom change concept

So during the AMA one of the devs was reminiscing about old map ideas, and one of them was of a circular map with the bases in the middle. This reminded me of an idea I had for changing Towers of Doom, so I did a little work and mocked up an image of how it would look:

TCzMIPJ - Towers of Doom change concept

Do forgive the roughness of the image, I was just messing about a bit in photoshop with an old concept of the map, so there are some mistakes (notably the bush in bottom middle is split, and there are still the old extra towers on top forts), but it's just a concept image and I think it gets the point across.

So, first of all, in towers of doom you never attack the enemy core directly. You literally can't. This makes it the only map where putting both cores in the middle make any sense at the moment. And I think it's a cool concept. Moreover, it makes the map feel more like you're in the middle of a city, with two big houses fighting for control.

Anyway, the way the map works is that it is a two-lane map. You could keep it three, but the third lane becomes really long, as it has to circle high above the midlane. There are five exit gates from your base (although looking at it now you could probably remove the top and bottom ones from the outside edge). You have two forts, one in top and one bottom, and one keep in the midlane. Both minion waves spawn in the middle, walk to the keep, and then split off to either top or bottom lane.


So in order to take the keep, you first have to push down a fort in a lane. But, once you do that, if you're attacking the keep, both minion waves go through there to defend it. Taking out one of the structures converts it to your side, and if the keep is taken out it starts firing shots on the core. This means you don't need all six, but because the keep is so far from your own base, and it has both minion waves coming through to retake it, it is harder to take and easier to defend.

For the most part, sapper camps, boss camps, and altars are in the same relative places. The biggest difference is down the middle of the map. There are gateways there as well to exit your base, with smaller death zones so your opponents can't enter. This allows you to get to lanes and objectives faster, but there are no minions or structures to keep you safe, so it's a decent place for an ambush by the enemy team. Especially if they have Stitches or Garrosh, or even Falstad or Mei.

Oh, and I removed the tunnel, because… why is there even a tunnel?

I have no idea how this would feel to actually play, but I think it's a fun change that keeps the map's unique status. And you could do other things with it, like maybe throw a vision camp in the middle that teams can brawl over or something like that.

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