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Tracer Reload (D) + Melee (W)/Pulse Bomb (R) High skill technique ?

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Tracer Reload (D) + Melee (W)/Pulse Bomb (R) High skill technique ?

Hi !

I've recently been playing Tracer a lot and as doing some theorycrafting I asked myself : "Can you use Melee (W) while using Reload (D) ?". Couldn't find a post about that here so i'd make one ^^.

So I tried and what I found is, Ithink, very interesting.

What I found is that : Yes, if you use Melee (W) right after hitting Reload (D), Tracer doesn't stop Reloading.
What this means is that you can combine the moment you reload with your melee, two instances during which Tracer does not use basic attacks, making this an optimization of her dps/burst.

Now this seems Nice and all but… I also noticed something else. Something probably unintended that makes using Melee during Reload even more of an optimization for damage.

And it is that while Reload takes 0.75s, Melee takes less than that (I estimated it at 0.375s), and while you would assume that she would continue to Reload normaly, What happens is that she fires her basic attack while reloading.

Apparently she is able to fire from 2 to 4 basic attacks (She fires them in an irregular burst of 2-2) while reloading if you Melee after she started to Reload. This is, I think, what's unintended.

What this mean is that not only do you get to save time by using melee and reloading at the same time. You also get to fit in some basic attacks.

So here is the idea :

  1. You engage, Start emptying your first clip,

  2. reload when there's only 4 basic attacks left(really hard to do consistently. It is better to just hit Reload a little sooner),

  3. Melee (you may press D and W at the same time),

  4. finish the last 4 bullets while finishing the reload to then continue basic attacking with a second full clip.

So Here's a first tip on How to maximise your damage on Tracer…

But now you may ask : "What about the ult, Pulse Bomb (R) ?"

Well good question. The ult just works exactly like Melee except that Pulse Bomb's recovery is longer than Melee's so you won't basic attack after throwing the bomb while reloading.

Unless you cancel the Pulse Bomb recovery by using Melee (That's a thing…)

Moreover, you can combine them together.

(For the ones who'd like to learn an easy tip : you can press W and R at the same time to melee and throw out pulse bomb at the same time or one slightly after the other the way you want).

Thus, You can throw out 6 basic attacks, press D, R and W in this order and in an instant (kinda feels like that : https://www.reddit.com/r/perfectloops/comments/9or0sw/keyboard_smash_l/ )
and then fire 4 basic attacks and the next clip with no delay.
The Time gain is roughly 1-2 seconds for the same amount of damage.

So let me know what you think about that. Maybe you already knew. Maybe you discovered that just now. Maybe I just have too much time to waste.
I know that it probably is too hard to do consitently and the benefit too low but I think that if a Tracer player was able to, I think he would be quite skilled.

P.S : This is my first reddit post so i'm sorry if the formating is awful.

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