Heroes of the Storm

Transferring Warlock and Felguard from WoW to HotS (Two player hero concept)

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Transferring Warlock and Felguard from WoW to HotS (Two player hero concept)

This concept is for those who love World of Warcraft and Warlocks. I started this in November and I’ve dedicated more than a full week in total (by that I mean more than 100 hours). This is my first hero concept ever. I was never the person to create fan projects and stuff but I guess I love warlocks and HotS too much. To be honest, I’m quite scared to put it out there, because people might hate it or ignore it or whatever, but I’ve been working on it for so long that I feel like I have to post it. I will try to explain most things, but I also don’t want to bore you to death. If you have more questions, ask me in the comments. Also, you can, of course, skip the notes and just read the abilities and talents.

Warlock and Felguard: Ranged Assassin and Tank. Two players required, but two bodies, unlike Cho’Gall.

Why not one hero with two bodies?

  • People have been asking for a two player hero with two bodies for a long time and we even saw it in the last AMA.

  • Pets in HotS have to be simple (Water Elemental, Raynor’s Raider) or they increase complexity and take up ability/talent space. I didn’t really want to make another hard to use hero like Rexxar (one hero, two bodies)

  • Devs have admitted that they have been very careful about creating another unique hero. This concept retains the twist of two bodies while keeping both heroes standard.

  • Felguard actually has enough abilities in WoW to become a full hero in HotS, and personally I’d love to play as Felguard, because he’s just so intimidating and muscular and powerful. Demons have their own unique personalities and I wanted to explore that instead of making Felguard just another pet. I also love Imp and Succubus in WoW (very unique personalities as well), but I chose Felguard because I think it’s easier to have Warlock with a tank than it is to make him with a Succubus or an Imp. It would be riskier to lock double backline in draft. Also, Imp and Succubus, while interesting personalities, have a more pet-like presence, having less damage and survivability in WoW. Felguard is one of the most powerful demons for Demonology Warlocks so he makes more sense as a full hero.

So this Hero concept will have achieved its purpose if it has captured the essence of Burning Crusade’s SL/SL build (Siphon Life – Soul Link), which has Siphon Life but doesn’t have Felguard, and the Demonology one, which has Felguard but doesn’t have Siphon Life. I remember the conflict I felt when having to pick between the two of them because I loved them both (the SL/SL was meta at the time) and I wanted to combine them for this hero concept. But this is not a pure TBC Demonology concept. You will also see things like Cataclysm, Unstable Affliction, Dark Pact, Unending Resolve and lots of other abilities and talents added later in WoW. We also had many different ways to refresh DoT effects in WoW over the years and you will see a lot of that too.

Small note: ALL Warlock ability/talent names come from similar abilities/talents in WoW, because I wanted them to be true to the spirit of a game with so much history and I actually enjoyed transferring the abilities from one game to another. For Felguard I used the names of his 4 main abilities in WoW, but I had to get more creative to have a full talent tree. I used some of his passive ability names, I borrowed some names from warlocks and I created some new ones with words used in the game for warriors or bosses and even quests and gear. At the very least, I wanted it to seem plausible that the names could have originated from World of Warcraft.

Warlock is male Undead, because we still don’t have their humpback in the game and because of their cool WoW traits: Will of the Forsaken = activatable self-cleanse, and Touch of the Grave= lifesteal. The only notable undead warlock I found was Meryl Felstorm, but he doesn’t seem to be a Forsaken. Despite their overwhelming popularity in WoW, Undead Warlocks don’t actually have many lore references, but hey, anything can happen in the Nexus! Let’s jump into the kits.

Warlock has 1250 hp (one of the squishiest heroes, close to Valla 1273, Tracer 1280 and Li-Ming 1232, but with a lot of survivability in the kit and no mobility.)

Felguard has 2250 hp (one of the squishiest tanks, same hp as E.T.C. and no armor mechanic. He relies on healing from trait.)

Shared Trait:

Soul Leech: Warlock and Felguard heal themselves and each other for 10% of the damage they deal. (This is a global passive)

Soul Link: When Warlock and Felguard are close (generous range, basically at the same objective) 20% of all damage Warlock would take is redirected to Felguard instead and Warlock heals Felguard for an additional 5% of all damage he deals.

Felguard gets healed for 15% of warlock’s damage and 10% of his, overall. In comparison, Mal’ganis gets healed for 45% of damage dealt to heroes and Sylvanas gets healed for 30% of her damage vs heroes with her 16 talent. Warlock takes 20% less damage and gets healed for 10% of his and Felguard’s damage. Admittedly, Warlock benefits more from this trait than Felguard does, but Felguard is also reliant on his Warlock for healing and he benefits from having a ranged assassin that is harder to kill. Tanks do want to protect their backline after all.

Basically if you can stun/silence both, they are very squishy. As long as one of them is free to use abilities, they are more survivable. But, since Warlock has low basic hp, even with the 20% damage reduction you can still burst him down. Tank is also punished more by AoE effects that hit both himself and the warlock since the warlock takes 80% of the damage and Felguard 120% of it. Warlock’s 20% reduction is not so OP, because the damage is not completely lost. It’s just redirected to Felguard. Finally, with both being so reliant on healing, you can use anti-heal abilities and talents (Ana, Deckard, Varian, Xul, Malthael, Garrosh) and leave them exposed with their weak base stats.

Warlock: The kit has multiple DoT effects that synergize with other talents to capture the fantasy of WoW warlock. On the UI they show as 3 symbols under enemy health bars. One purple (Agony), one green (Siphon Life) and one orange (Immolate), like the 3 poison stacks that Lunara has. Warlock is easy to play because you always get value from your abilities, but he is hard to master, because you always have room to maximize your damage. The devs have said that this is their goal when designing heroes. I should also note that the level 1 talents completely change how Warlock plays, because they offer him different ways to refresh the different DoTs and the kit is balanced with them in mind. They are similar to Kharazim’s level 1 traits in how much they change the playstyle. I also decided to make every level 1 talent provide mana efficiency, because, as devs have acknowledged, mana regen talents often feel mandatory and the most powerful in a tier.

Q: Shadow Bolt – 35 mana, 3 seconds cd. A shadow bolt travels fast, hitting enemies in a line for 60 damage. They are afflicted with Agony. Agony: Enemies take increasing damage over 4 seconds. 8 damage after 1 second, 16 after 2 seconds, 24 after 3 seconds and 32 after 4 seconds.

Shadow bolt travels really fast because the kit is full of DoTs and it needs some immediate impact. With the DoT refreshing talents this also makes the ability more reliable, so that you don’t have that “oh I was so close to refreshing that” feeling all the time.

W: Siphon Life – 10 mana, point and click DoT, 2 seconds cd, 5 sec duration. Deal damage equal to 1% of the target’s maximum Health every second. You are healed for 10% of the damage dealt in addition to the healing from Soul Leech.

Percentage damage is interesting in the kit as an alternative to 3 fixed amount damage abilities. This way Li-Ming will take only 12 damage from this spell, while Stitches will take 30 damage because he can handle the damage numbers of the rest of Warlock’s kit.

E: Cataclysm – 70 mana 10 seconds cd. After 0.5 seconds, cause the earth to explode with lava dealing 350 damage to enemies within the area. Enemies hit are afflicted with Immolate. Immolate: Deal 20 damage instantly and every second, for 4 seconds.

This spell has the same radius as Kael’s Flamestrike with trait activated. Cataclysm deals 450 damage on a 10 second cd so 45 damage per second of cd. In comparison, Kael’thas deals 345 damage on a 7 sec cd = 49.3 dmg per sec of cd, and Jaina deals 639 to frozen targets on a 14 sec = 45.6 dmg per sec of cd. If some of you wonder why I made Immolate deal 20 initial damage instead of adding the damage to Cataclysm itself, it was because of some synergy with level 1, 7 and 20 talents. It is also how Immolate works or used to work in WoW, so I’m happy I had reasons to make it similar.

Heroics: (Pretty standard heroics to avoid making the kit too complicated)

Shadowfury: 60 seconds cd. After 0.5 seconds, deal 200 damage in an area and stun enemies for 1 second. (Same radius as E.T.C.’s Mosh Pit)

Mortal Coil: 40 seconds cd. Long range skillshot. The first Hero hit trembles in place for 1.5 seconds and takes damage equal to 15% of their maximum Health. You are healed for the same amount.

This functions as a silence like Taunt and Horrify. You can also compare it to Greymane’s Cursed Bullet in terms of damage and difficulty to hit so I think 40 seconds is fair cd.

Warlock Talents:


Nightfall: Shadow Bolt no longer costs mana, its cd is reduced by 2 seconds and it also refreshes the duration of Siphon Life and Immolate. You can no longer use your basic attack.

Devs have admitted trying to make heroes without a basic attack in the past. I think Junkrat was originally designed like that, but it always felt better to give the hero a basic attack in the end. So, I thought that making this optional through a talent and actually giving the freedom to spam Shadow Bolt by sacrificing a talent was a win-win.

Rot and Decay: Siphon Life restores 10 mana instead of consuming it, its cd is reduced by 1 second and it refreshes the duration of Agony and Immolate every time it deals damage to an enemy.

The duration and cd of Siphon Life are best kept short, because at first I had the duration at 10 seconds and Warlock could just throw Cataclysm, Shadow Bolt and Siphon Life and with this talent he could just stay back and watch the target lose all his hp with Siphon Life refreshing everything. This change demands from Warlock to be more active while still allowing the safest DoT refreshing out of all 3 builds. Also the lower cd makes the spreading to the full enemy team faster.

Shadowflame: Your basic attacks restore 2% of your maximum mana, apply Immolate and Agony and refresh the duration of Siphon Life.

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Warlock’s basic attack range is 5.5 and the animation is normally a shadow wand. 50 damage per attack. 1 attack per second. With this talent the animation changes to shadowflame and basic attacks deal Immolate’s initial 20 damage as well. If Siphon Life build is the safest, this one is the easiest, intended for less skilled players.


Curse of Weakness: Siphon Life reduces the enemies’ damage by 10%.

Curse of Exhaustion: Siphon Life slows enemies by 10%.

Curse of Tongues: Siphon Life reduces the enemies’ spell power by 10%.

Curse of Doom: When Agony, Siphon Life or Immolate end, the enemy takes 70 damage.

Normally Warlock wants to refresh his DoTs, but this can provide a last burst if the enemy runs away or if Warlock wants to play a build with stronger poke.


Touch of the Grave: Shadow Bolt and basic attacks deal 15 more damage. You are healed for the same amount.

Will of the Forsaken: 60 seconds cd. You can activate this ability while your hero is disabled. Remove any slow, silence and sleep effects from Warlock and Felguard. (The silence effects include taunts, polymorphs, horrify and mind control)

Alternative for Undead instead of Will of the Forsaken (because Sylvanas has it):

Cannibalize: Every time a nearby enemy dies, Warlock is healed for 1.5% of his maximum health and his spell power is increased by 10% for 10 seconds. Healing is increased to 15% for Hero takedowns.

This is a nerfed combination of Ming’s level 1 and 4 and of Butcher’s level 7, because it would be pretty horrible to make Cannibalize a channeled spell in a moba. The closest we have is Zul’jin’s E ability and it does not rely on corpses.

Dark Pact: 60 seconds cd. You can activate this ability while your hero is disabled. Sacrifice 20% of your current health to get a shield equal to 250% of the sacrificed health for 10 seconds. Gain 10% spell power while the shield lasts.

That’s 50% of Warlock’s maximum health. Warlock has 1250 hp so it’s actually not that much. If he activates it after losing hp the shield is even smaller. So the idea is to start the fight with it and benefit from the extra damage as well.

Fire and Brimstone: Reduce the cd and mana cost of Cataclysm by 50%. It deals 33% less damage. This does not affect Immolate’s damage.

This is a very important talent for the non-autoattack builds, giving you to option to apply Immolate more often, because it is otherwise locked behind a 10 sec cd ability. At the same time there is now a cap to how much value you can get from refreshing Immolate.


Unending Resolve: When Warlock is stunned or silenced, he gains 40 armor for 3 seconds, reducing damage taken by 40%. This effect has a 20 second cooldown.

Nether Ward: 40 seconds cooldown. You take no damage from abilities for 3 seconds.

Demon Armor: You permanently gain 10 armor and you fully block 1 Basic Attack every 10 seconds.


Haunt: Shadow Bolt’s damage is increased by 20% for every Agony, Siphon Life and Immolate on the enemy. Enemies hit by Shadow Bolt have their armor reduced by 10 for 3 seconds, taking 10% more damage.

Phantom Singularity: Siphon Life now affects enemies in a big area. Increase Siphon Life’s healing from 10% to 30%.

Starfall radius – it doesn’t become an AoE on the ground. It just checks who is in the zone at the time of casting and everyone in the area gets the normal Siphon Life DoT on them.

Inferno: The radius of Cataclysm is increased by 50% and it now also applies Agony.

As you can see two of those three talents don’t directly increase Warlock’s damage, but they instead make it easier for him to apply his DoTs. Does this remove the skill requirements to play him? Why not increase his damage synergy instead so that better players can benefit more? The way I see it, at 16 most heroes get talents that sometimes even double an ability’s power like Kael’s Flamestrike. The game at this point becomes really explosive and Warlock’s kit runs the risk of becoming too demanding for late game fights. With these talents Warlock no longer has the need to micromanage DoTs as much and he can more easily jump fast into a team fight. The 16 talent tier is also the last tier before the 20 craziness, so it’s the last chance to prepare Warlock for what’s coming.


Darkfury: Reduce the cooldown of Shadowfury by 30 seconds and enemies are silenced for 1 second after the stun ends.

Sow the Seeds: Mortal Coil jumps to another nearby Hero after it ends, up to 3 more times. Mortal Coil can affect the same hero twice this way. (5 range)


Curse of Fragility: You benefit from all the level 4 Curse talents.

Unstable Affliction: Point and click – no cooldown. After 0.5 seconds, cast an engulfing shadow on an enemy Hero to deal 10 damage per Soul Fragment consumed over 5 seconds. Passive: Each time you deal damage to a Hero collect 1 Soul Fragment, up to 50.

The easiest Warlock build is the Shadowflame build. This autoattack build is the only one that doesn’t rely on Cataclysm or Shadow Bolt to apply DoTs. Cataclysm has a 10 second cd and Shadow Bolt is a thin skillshot on a 3 second cd so you can get locked out of your DoTs if you miss or if the enemies are not often grouped. The Shadowflame build offers reliable single target and spread damage on larger maps and maps without a single objective like Warhead Junction and Dragon Shire. With Phantom Singularity at 16 this build becomes very well-rounded.

The Shadow Bolt build is great for constant sustain damage in a line (especially for a single target after 16) and offers great DoT refreshing if you are good with skillshots. This build plays like a hybrid of Alexstrasza’s Flame Buffet build and Lunara’s Thornwood Vine build and it has a higher damage cap. It can afford to pick talents that actually increase the damage like Touch of the Grave at 7 or Haunt at 16. This build has the toughest time refreshing all 3 DoTs. It is rare that you will have Immolate and Siphon Life spread to everyone, but constantly dealing 60 damage per second to enemies and reapplying Agony is already enough damage. For a hybrid build you can also go for Fire and Brimstone at 7 and even Phantom Singularity at 16, while still taking advantage of your mastery with skillshots.

The most impressive looking build is the Siphon Life-Cataclysm build. You apply Immolate and Agony in a large area with Cataclysm on a 5 second cd and you refresh the DoTs with Siphon Life (which has 1 sec cd and 5 seconds duration so you can have it on 5 enemies at a time). Unlike the other two builds which are ready to go from level 1, this build reaches its maximum potential in the late game, after 16. This build doesn’t offer the constant sustain damage of the Shadow Bolt build but it offers a lot of poke and delayed damage. If you apply your DoTs on an enemy, even if they run, they will take damage for the base 4 seconds plus the 5 seconds that Siphon Life refreshes. This puts a lot of pressure on healers that aren’t Stukov/Lucio.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how the kit turned out. Other abilities considered were Soul Fire, Chaos Bolt, Demonbolt, Incinerate, Summon Imps, Hand of Gul’dan, Channel Demonfire, Hellfire, Ritual of Summoning, respawn effects for Warlock and Felguard, but nothing felt as exciting. Maybe I would have loved to get at least Demonbolt somewhere in there but that’s just it. I also tried removing the level 1 talents and simplifying the kit completely, but then it was like a Jaina with DoTs in 2019. After that, I tried making Siphon Life refresh the DoTs baseline, but honestly with just the level 1 talents the builds have so much more depth. You can have an autoattack build, a pure DoT build and a Shadow Bolt spam build. If Siphon Life was always the core of the kit, you couldn’t have the Shadow Bolt spam or the autoattack talents. It would feel like Chromie, where the autoattack is built upon the ability damage. With Warlock it is the basis of the damage. Or why spam Shadow Bolt if it does nothing else? Now it’s actually the one that refreshes the DoTs instead of Siphon Life so it makes sense to spam it. I finally considered adding Shadowflame as an ability, but then it would be like Lunara’s Crippling Spores, so it wasn’t worth it. I feel like this is the best version I could come up with.


A felguard loves battle, sometimes refusing to flee from a combat that it believes it has a chance of winning. Demonic generals know and accept this limitation, and plan their strategies accordingly. https://wow.gamepedia.com/Felguard

Overall, Felguard is a mobile offensive tank. Definitely not like Johanna. More like Varian/Anub/ETC. Garrosh and Muradin are tankier and peel more. Felguard will protect with Pursuit for example but he will still be aggressive. Also, let’s remember that Felguard is healed for 10% of the damage he deals so any damage talents increase his staying power in a fight as well.

Felguard wields a two-handed axe so his autoattacks have longer range and slow attack speed, but fast animation, because he remains swift and mobile. (2 range= same as Leoric’s and Rag’s, 0.83 speed = same as Rag’s and Garrosh’s, 153 autoattack damage- Rag has 171, Garrosh 137, so high stat for a tank, but he’s an aggressive warrior)

Q: Legion Strike. 25 mana cost, 6 sec cd. Deal 110 damage in an arc. Reduces healing received by 10% for 6 seconds.

W: Felstorm. 70 mana cost, 15 sec cd. Become Unstoppable and deal 8 damage to nearby enemies 13 times over 3 seconds. Stun enemies for 0.25 seconds the first time you hit them and every 4 consecutive hits after that.

The duration is 3 seconds so the cd is practically 18 seconds. Same radius as Sonya’s but the cd is longer because of the added stuns and Unstoppable. Synergy with the speed from E. The damage is decent but the ability mainly creates chaos and causes enemies to scatter.

Felstorm in WoW was the same as Warriors’ Whirlwind/Bladestorm or Sonya’s Whirlwind in HotS – only dealing damage. When I initially brought it in HotS I was skeptical of having another Sonya/Samuro, because the game devs try to make every hero unique. I kept working with it though and I made the stun portion as a 16 talent. But then I realized how fun this would be to stun enemies again and again after hitting them and I just decided to get it in the base kit with increased cooldown. The ability is now a hybrid of Johanna’s Condemn and Sonya’s Whirlwind, but because it would be so easy to interrupt, it gives Unstoppable like Johanna’s Iron Skin or Anub’s Burrow Charge. The stun lasts 0.25 seconds as with Condemn but it doesn’t displace enemies, and the next stun will hit after 0.75 seconds so the enemies have time to run away. The ability is still too powerful with a mass slow/root though so Legion Strike is the weaker part of the kit. This is also good though, because it allowed me to give a lot of utility to Legion Strike through talents.

If you’re wondering about the 13 hits, it’s similar to how Sonya’s Whirlwind works. You immediately damage the enemies when you first use it and then you damage them every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds, so 6 more times. With Felstorm, I increased the number of hits to 12 to give enemies a chance to avoid the stun. Felguard needs to hit the enemies 4 times every 0.25 seconds to stun them, so even missing one single hit will reset the count.

E: Pursuit – 50 mana cost, 12 sec cd. Charge at a high speed in front of the target enemy dealing 50 damage. Your speed is increased by 45% for 3 seconds.

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Longer range than Varian’s Charge and faster travel time. Felguard is always facing the target after charging. So he can bodyblock if the enemy is running away or he can get in front of an enemy attacking a teammate – for example a Greymane/Genji attacking a healer or Warlock.

Heroic: Axe Toss: 15 mana cost. 25 seconds cd. Throw your axe at a location, dealing 89 damage and stunning any enemy hit for 1.25 seconds.

The R button is available from level 1, but there are upgrades at level 10, like with Tracer. I could have created a new heroic as a second option, like Threatening Presence with some big root/taunt effect (it’s Felguard’s WoW taunt ability for PvE – not usable in PvP), but I think that all 4 main Felguard abilities are iconic enough so that we shouldn’t have to choose something else. Also, Felstorm has quite a long cooldown so it is nice to have some extra form of crowd control. For example Mal’ganis has a 2.5 sec sleep with a 16 second cd but he also has Fel Claws for some more frequent stuns. Axe Toss is a skillshot like Zul’jin’s Guillotine but it’s travelling to the point fast and it’s visible. It’s flying in a curved line exactly above people’s heads. You can stun two people if they are very close, but most of the time only one.

Felguard Talents:


Sadistic Strike: !Quest: Prevent 2000 healing with Legion Strike. !Reward: Healing prevented with Legion Strike now heals you for the same amount.

Felfury: !Quest: Every time you stun enemy Heroes with Felstorm increase its damage by 0.1.

Legion Arms: !Quest: Use Basic Attacks on enemy heroes. !Reward: Every 20 Basic Attacks increase your Basic Attack speed by 10% up to 40%.

Felguard starts the game with quests because he already has an extra button sooner than everyone else.


Mortal Cleave: Legion Strike now reduces healing received by 20%.

Fixation: Pursuit’s cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds and its mana cost by 20.

Varian and Illidan have talents that allow them to jump to allies. I didn’t want to offer this utility to Felguard because of his lore and because he already has tools like unstoppable and stuns in his kit. He is not so high risk in regard to positioning and he also gets healed by both Warlock and his healer, so it’s fair for him to not have that kind of escape.

Demonic Chase: Basic Attacks increase Felguard’s speed by 30% for 2 seconds.


Avoidance: While Felstorm is on cooldown, gain 15 spell armor.

I didn’t want Felguard to have spell armor constantly because with the healing capabilities he would be too good for both poke wars and prolonged fights. I could have also made this talent anti-poke, reading “While Felstorm is not on cooldown”, but then Felguard would be withholding his Felstorm for the extra armor until the best moment. With this version of the talent the pressure is no longer on the enemies wondering when that Felstorm will hit them. The pressure is on Felguard. If he wants the spell armor for the fight he needs to be at his most vulnerable and expend his most powerful tool.

Void Reflexes: After not taking damage for 5 seconds gain 1 Dodge charge. You dodge the next basic attack. After you get hit by 4 basic attacks gain 1 Dodge charge.

Demonic Frenzy: Basic attacks reduce Felstorm’s cooldown by 1 second. Felstorm’s mana cost is reduced by 35 and it now lasts 1 second less, hitting enemies 9 times over 2 seconds.

Felguard auto-attacks every 1.2 seconds so he would have Felstorm available every 8.4 seconds for 2 seconds by auto attacking 7 times instead of every 15 seconds for 3 seconds. With Legion Arms at 1 completed Felguard auto-attacks every 0.72 seconds so he would have Felstorm available every 6.48 seconds for 2 seconds by auto attacking 9 times. I think this is fairly balanced as the best case scenario. In reality, Felguard will be stunned and knocked back and slowed and blinded and have someone like Arthas on him 24/7 so I expect the auto-attacks to reduce the cd to something like 10 seconds most of the time.


Doomerang: Increase the cooldown of Axe Toss by 25 seconds. It now hits enemies in a line and returns to Felguard after 1 second hitting enemies in its path once again.

This will effectively re-stun enemies, if you’ve successfully stunned them the first time. If the enemy was close when first stunned, they will be stunned for the full 2.25 seconds. If they were further away, they will be re-stunned faster so the first stun will have lasted less. Displacement on Felguard is a counter to this re-stun.

Juggling of Nightmares: Reduce the cooldown of Axe Toss by 15 seconds. It now stores 2 charges. 5 seconds cooldown between each use.

Let’s imagine those timestamps: 0-5-10-15-20-25-30 With 2 charges you can use it at 0, 5, 10, and then you have to wait for the full cd to use it again at 20 seconds. With 3 charges you can use it at 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, and then you have to wait for the full cd to use it again at 30 seconds. With 2 charges it’s probably more balanced. This is closer to Muradin’s Stormbolt, which you can have up pretty often with reduced cd from basic attacks, but Axe Toss is obviously more flexible as a heroic upgrade.


Intimidating Strike: Legion Strike now also reduces enemies’ attack speed by 40% for the duration.

Overflowing Fel: Felstorm deals 100% more damage. You passively deal 13 damage per second to nearby enemies. (This appears as green fire)

Demon Skin: Felguard passively regenerates 1% of his maximum Health per second.


Crippling Strike: Legion Strike now also slows enemies by 80% for 1 second.

Raging mo’arg: Felstorm’s last hit stuns enemies for 0.75 seconds, ignoring consecutive hits.

Health Funnel: Warlock’s Siphon Life heals Felguard for 30% of the damage dealt in addition to Soul Leech and Soul Link healing.

With base values the average hero has around 2000 hp. If Warlock has Siphon Life spread to all 5 heroes he deals 1% of 10000 per second= 100 damage per sec. So with this talent Felguard is healed for 30 more per second in ideal situations. This is close to 66 hp per second at level 20 with the scaling of everyone’s health pools.


Merciless Throw: Axe Toss now deals damage equal to 10% of enemies’ maximum Health and heals Felguard for the same amount.

Grimoire of Synergy: When Warlock deals damage, Felguard’s damage is increased by 15% for 2 seconds. When Felguard deals damage, Warlock’s damage is increased by 15% for 2 seconds.

Threatening Presence: Enemies damaged by Felguard deal 25% less damage for 2 seconds.

General’s Battlecry: 90 seconds cooldown. Felguard is inspired for 30 seconds, gaining 50% increased Maximum Health. You can activate this ability while your hero is disabled.

This talent covers a very specific weakness that Felguard faces during the whole game; burst and anti-healing. With level 20 values, Felguard has 4930 hp, same as E.T.C. With this talent his health becomes 7395. In comparison, Muradin has 6058 baseline at that level and with Avatar he has 8365 for 20 seconds. All the other talents are still stronger over time, but this is a valuable option for Felguard. There is also some synergy with Demon Skin at 13, increasing the healing from 49.3 hp per second to 73.95 for the duration offering 739.5 more hp over those 30 seconds

Final note: About balancing, I did my best comparing numbers with all heroes and doing the math for the max dps and the frequency of things like stuns etc. I think that the kits are quite balanced. I’m unsure mainly about the healing, because obviously I can’t test it in game. If it’s too much there is also the easy solution of nerfing the trait and increasing the base hp so that Warlock and Felguard become more reliant on their healer. But I’m really happy with the synergy of those two heroes. They feel like Aba + Illidan/any tank or like Tass+Tracer.

Thank you for reading even one line from my wall of text. I had so much fun creating this concept – and now I can’t play it. (R.I.P.) Blizzard, I would work for free to get these heroes in the game. Also, I should really find better names for them. They’re like Boy and Girl from Bird Box. Please, share any suggestions about names if you are good with the lore and I’ll see you… in the comment section. 😛

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