Heroes of the Storm

Trying to gather actual feedback on Sylvanas rework gameplay

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Trying to gather actual feedback on Sylvanas rework gameplay

I'm interesed in knowing what people think of sylv rework, what has worked and what not, gameplay style that worked for you (diver, poke, etc) and what builds.

The reason is because Sylv is my highest lvl hero (a mere lvl 32) but I couldn't make her work in the small sample of 6 games I had the time to play (all unranked draft). I have not played her as a split pusher since her dagger life leech was moved to lvl 13, I usually played like a ranged dps enjoying blowing up an reckless squishy with -25 armor dagger + windrunner with all the Q charges, sometimes I went with the full W build.


And yet with her new quirk of 3 stacks to do decent damage I feel useless, her AA range feels too short to actually stack the debuff on anything but the tank, any dps with half a brain will poke you down before you can build the stacks. The stacks all decay at once which feels unfair for the risk sylvanas has to take to AA her targets and makes the talent mandatory. I believe that if the stacks decay 1 at the time with 1 second (number may need ajustment) between each stack it would be great and also making her Q fire faster…right now is waaay too slow, revert the "fire rate" nerf and its good to go.

I've been picking the extra atk speed+spell power at lvl 1 and the dagger quest and feels the dagger quest is more useful than the Q, was picked once and never again it can't compete with the other two talents. There are other things about the rest of her talents but I will leave them for later.

tl;dr: i forgot how to sylv, send halp.

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