Heroes of the Storm

Trying to learn the game, can someone answer some questions for me?

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Trying to learn the game, can someone answer some questions for me?

For background: I dislike playing QP, since I find the draft aspect an important part of the game, so I mostly play Team-League since I get faster queues, it has a far superior draft system, and occasionally play with friends, and I'm currently in Silver 4, with a high of Silver 2.

My hero pool is primarily;

  • My best/most comfortable dps picks are; Kael'Thas, Jaina, Chromie, Orphea, Li Ming, Lunara, Raynor, and Abathur. (I also play some Zeratul, Kerrigan and Greymane, but I wouldn't say I'm comfortable with them)
  • My best Tanks are; ETC, Leoric, and Johanna.
  • My best supports are; Brightwing, Tyrande, and Ana.

Now the questions I have:

  1. Why is Double Mage concidered Bad?
  2. What exactly makes a mage a mage?
  3. What are balanced team compositions? (For example, I see lots of Tank+Bruiser+2 DPS+Support, but not as much Tank+3DPS+1 Support, or Tank +2dps+2 support)
  4. Is Double Support good, if so, which double supports?
  5. When does the "Lane-ing" stage end and the team just needs to play as a ball?
  6. When we're out-leveled by a Talent Tier, Should I join my team trying to fight on an objective, or let them lose the objective and try to soak for our talent tier? Assuming I've already communicated to my team that we should not fight and soak, and they're ignoring me.
  7. When I'm trying to Peel for my teammate by CCing enemies, or giving them move speed, while spamming retreat pings ontop of them, and they think "RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT" actually means "GO IN THEY'RE SLOWED" should I just leave and let them die, or continue trying to get them out?
  8. I come from overwatch, where we have "Good Deaths and Bad Deaths," does this game have Good deaths, or are all deaths bad deaths?
  9. Do slow effects stack?
  10. Do DOT Effects (like Lunara's Poison) remove stacks of spell armor since they're spell damage, like, is it reduced by it, does it strip one stack for the whole dot, or does it just remove all the stacks very quickly?
  11. Are there any heroes I should learn to fill a niche I can't already cover? For example, I often find myself unable to actually pick a Non-Mage DPS, Solo Laner, and Melee DPS to help fill for the team. Is this even a problem? Any heroes I should pick up because they're similar to heroes I play (I'll probably like them, since I like the heroes I currently play)?
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