Heroes of the Storm

Tutorial rework?

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Tutorial rework?

Dear blizzard,

I think it’s about time you rework your tutorial again to more accurately tell people how to play the game. Training mode should be have more to it then “pick your talents” and then keep running around until you lvl. I think it’s past the time where you depend on external content. You kind of need to force people to understand the game better bc some people aren’t paying enough attention outside the game.

Some ideas for tutorial and training mode:

  1. Make clear the importance of soaking lanes
  2. Increase AI difficulty in training mode to force people to learn.
  3. Keep the way you walk through talents
  4. Explain what early, mid and late game means
  5. Explain importance of objective
  6. Explain when it’s ideal to team fight

These are just some ideas off the top of my head. This isn’t a new concept but it should probably be bumped on the priority list rather than making sweeping game changes that make the game worse/takes it into risky territory. Personally I think the game is in a good spot and would be better with just the armor and hit box adjustments.

Edit: Some really good alternate suggestions came out of this discussion. My favorite is having tips scroll through in the loading screen telling you the most important aspects about the game. There are a couple more good ones so feel free to scroll through

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