Heroes of the Storm

Tweaks to reporting catagories and ruling.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Tweaks to reporting catagories and ruling.

For years we struggle with it.
Reports. They either cause more issues by being too aggresive or too soft.
Let's face it.. reports are just hard to handle. This topic ain't about "Reports don't work" or "Reports are too aggresive." This topic is about….. clearing some things up.

Mostly on the chatting behaviour. Since people keep saying the toxicity went up…. and guess what it is and will go up depending on current status of the game.
I also keep telling for years: "Make a reward system for GOOD behaviour and GOOD playing."
But it's time to change a few things of reports.
The catagory "Abusive Chat"… Get rid of it and replace it with 2/3 catagories.

The 1st one is simple:
Bad behaviour shown towards your fellow player, High passive-aggresiveness, Extreme Sarcasm, making the player feel unable to play. This will be the LOWEST catagory as it's BOTTOM priority.
Why? You can mute them. Their chat behaviour is moslty annoying, but they ain't doing any personal attacks.

2nd catagory:
"Phishing/Hack attempting/Spam bot/Spreading Content of Malicious intent"
Highest priority. Since they can't detect a hacker report, but by reporting someone here.. you can atleast get rid of it. You know.. people who try to post disgusting things in chat or get your info. They should NOT be buried in ABUSIVE CHAT, but be handled IMMIDENTLY.

3rd Catagory:
"Racism/Saftey Threats/Personal Threats."
Medium Priority. And before you say why is this MEDIUM!? Cause Phishing is far more dangerous then a racist bastard or someone trying to give you a frigging trauma with a wrong link.
These people attack you on a level that is unacceptable (and to me is REAL toxicity but I digress)
While people being overall rude like catagory 1 is bad… it just gives you a sour taste in your mouth to you just wanting to give up since you are bad.
These people however… are so disgusting they need to be removed. They create a hostile envoirment.
Though I personally just report them and move on. I know plenty of players that go like: "How are these players allowed to stay?"
Simple.. their reports are buried between the other reports of players being rude.


Now for the ruling change:

For phishing/hacking/etc.
Perma ban right away. No questions asked. You got caught trying to harm the community or stealing from them or linking them to an unmoderated site that causes harm… you are out.

1 day ban, then 7 day ban, then 1 month, then perma.
4 CHANCES?! Yes. Some people are edgey teens. By perma banning them it will only result into them making smurf's to do it more. Give them time to improve (Unless they don't)

Remove any permanent bans from this list. Keep the silence. Maybe give them a week bans tops.
Most of these players are still ACTIVELY trying to improve the game for others. They still care for other players if not abit selfish. Banning these people will only create more distasifcation and players who will break more rules on smurf's.
Remember people.. it's still a free to play game. it's best to keep the people who can't control their anger on good terms as long as they got good morals. Even if they never learn… maybe it's just a mental disorder or something.


And that's what I think Blizzard needs to change.
Remember that people who fall into the "toxicity" are just angry players. As long as they don't try to attack you personally by race, threats and such. These players are still willing to do things to help you win even if they are demotivating. But we are losing players too fast and it's just time to mellow out and remove the real scum faster and lowering tensions for just rude players.
It will also ease tension on support and using chat.
I ain't saying toxicity shouldn't be punished, but it shouldn't be on the same level as racism and threats as these are MUCH more dangerous.

Either way discuss.

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