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Two Xul issues that deserved fixing with the rework

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Two Xul issues that deserved fixing with the rework
  • (Q) Spectral Scythe disappearing completely if Xul dies as it is in motion.
  • (R1) Poison Nova's inaccurate indicator.

There are several such skillshots in the game that just flat out disappear completely if a Hero dies while a skill's animation is still ongoing, though it mostly concerns projectiles. I believe Xul's Spectral Scythe deserves fixing for the simple reason of consistency, as there are just as many, if not more, skillshot abilities that do not disappear once a Hero dies but haven't finished their animation yet.

I can only suspect the reason for Xul's (Q) disappearing mid-death is tied to the fact that it is programmed to return to his model, so logically if the Hero dies, its "returning point" disappears as well, making the Scythe itself disappear, but that's just silly. If an ability has been cast and the Mana on it has been spent, it deserves to have both its animation and effect(s) fully resolved, unless it is a channeled ability, period.

Especially now, with one of the Xul's builds (Echoes of Death) that allows you to spawn 15 Skeletons (or at least it should, since they're hard-capped at 6 for no reason, which is another bug that requires fixing by the way) with a single cast of (Q), the difference between it landing and not landing as Xul dies can be quite humongous and detrimental to the teamfight.


As for Xul's Poison Nova, I think everyone who has played him realizes that the ability does not, in fact, cover the full area its indicator suggests it does, but merely displays the maximum distance it reaches. Every one of the 12 Poison Bulbs that spread out move in a sinusoidal pattern, and while it is obviously technically the best to cast it as close to the enemy team as possible, that isn't necessarily always an option. I just believe the Poison Nova indicator should drop its circular indicator in favor of a more accurate representation, showing 12 sinusoidal paths spreading outwards from Xul instead. This would then allow one to better judge where exactly do they go and, just maybe, catch someone at the very end of it with the right positioning.

Frankly, I am a bit surprised this wasn't addressed with his rework.

Edit: for mods, I tried selecting the Bug flair but this subreddit doesn't allow posting the post if that flair is selected for some reason, which wasn't the case before. You might want to address this.

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