Heroes of the Storm

Tychus rework (ideas)

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Tychus rework (ideas)

D: Hero Takedowns increase Tychus´ Attack Speed by 2% up to 10%. After getting 5 Takedowns Tychus´ Attack Speed is increased by an additional 10% (Odin also benefits from this). After getting 20 Takedowns Basic Attacks deal bonus damage equal to 1% of the target’s maximum health.

Q: Tychus deals x amount of dmg in an cone shaped area for 4 seconds. While channeling his ms is decreased by 10% and he may only move in a cross. Pressing Q again ends the channel.

E: Dash a short Distance to activate Minigun. While Minigun is active Tychus´ attack range is increased by 1.5 and your Basic attacks deal bonus damage equal to 2.5% of the target's maximum health. Lasts for 3 seconds. (8 seconds cooldown after Minigun expired).

R1: no longer grants unstoppable. Call down time is 1 second.

R2: Call down a Drakken Laser after 1 second. The Drakken Laser may only damage the target that Tychus is dealing damage to with Basic attacks. Last 20 seconds. 60 seconds cooldown, range increased by 25%. Drakken Laser’s “Attack Speed” is equal to Tychus´ Attack Speed.

LVL1:​ (press the attack, dash, combat tactician removed)


*increase the range of frag grenade by 20%.

*after hitting 10 enemy heroes: increase the range of W by an additional 20%.

*after hitting 15 enemy heroes: increase the knockback distance of W by 50%.


*after dealing x amount of damage to enemy heroes: Overkill slows targets by 30%.

*after dealing x amount of damage to enemy heroes: Overkill’s damage is increased by 50%.

*killing 10 enemy heroes with Overkill removes the ms reduction.

-Globe Quest (benefits Odin):

*gathering 10 regen globes increases Tychus´ attack damage by 10%.


*gathering 20 regen globes increases ms by 10%.

LVL4:​ (master assassin removed)

a) basic attacks decrease the cooldown of run and gun and thrusters.

b) increase the range of run and gun by 50%. When cast, increase Tychus´ movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds.

c) increase the duration of Minigun by 2 seconds.

LVL7:​ (relentless soldier, quarterback, concussion grenade removed)

a) increase the radius of Overkill by 20%.

b) decrease the cooldown of frag grenade by 3 seconds and increase its radius by 15%.

c) after activation your Basic attacks slow for 20% for 0.5 seconds. When used in Odin the slow duration is increased to 1.5 seconds. Lasts for 5 seconds.

LVL13:​ (Spray´n´pray removed)

a) getting stunned or rooted grants 40 armor. This effect may occur every 10 seconds.

LVL16:​ (lead rain and piercing rounds removed)

a) frag grenade deals additional damage equal to 6% of the enemy heroes health over 3 seconds.

b) Odin grants a shield equal to 50% of Tychus´ missing health upon call down.

c) Drakken laser grants Tychus a shield equal to 50% of the damage it deals to enemy heroes.

LVL20:​ (sizzling attacks removed)

a) increase your attack range by 1.5 and decrease the cooldown of run and gun by 6 seconds.

b) Increases the range of the Drakken Laser Drill by 25%. Every 3rd second the laser deals consecutive damage to one target it deals extra damage.

Thanks for your time. If you enjoy this i can post 11 other updates i thought of. xoxo

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