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Tychus tips/tricks/builds?

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Tychus tips/tricks/builds?

I've made similar posts to this and it always seems to help me wrap my head around a hero.

Heres my build and my reasoning.

Level 1-Dash, I have tried press the advantage (because it seems good with bob and weave for +3 range) but don't seem to have as good of results. I want to like combat tactician. But I can never seem to utilize the CD reduction.

Level 4-In the rhythm if they don't have a tank/brusier with a lot of shields (like anub/johanna/mei/imp). Otherwise I like the bigger they are so I can shred the shields then also shred the health, bonus if I have someone who can secure kills when I get them low. Master assassin is fine I guess, but doesn't seem as helpful as the other two. I usually tend to lean towards The bigger they are.

Level 7-Quarterback most of the time just for poke damage. relentless if they have someone jumping on me every teamfight and are heavy on CC. If regardless of my positioning im going to get jumped on (like illy ult, or KT iceball ult, or butcher)

Level 10-Here I am torn, I seem to have better luck with Titan but losing access to my D really seems to hurt. Its almost like I want to be able to engage with my D W Q then back off and titan form…But titan makes you just sit there for a few seconds taking free hits so its hard to manage. It seems like if someone jumps on me while im in titan form I cant really do much so its frustrating. I also really like the laser but the fact that it will default to attacking minions is REALLY annoying. I cant decide when to take what as they both seem to shine on holding/attacking an objective. Is there one you prefer on specific maps? And why?


13-nano steel always, took awhile to stop being a noob and actually use it. But it is really important IMO for your survivability. If I'm feeling like a noob ill take spray n prey but I don't think its better. thats the stuff never seems worth it. By the end of the game if im lucky I have 3-4k healing from it which is too little to matter.

16-They all seem good, I usually take titan grenade just for more poke before the team fight since its Tychus only long range ability.

20-bob and weave. The laser never seems to be able to focus on someone long enough to get enough from it. And the nuke from titan and extended duration is almost hurtful to me since its even longer that I cant use my D. Sometimes I do take the extended titan duration (if im one of the few close range characters on our team so I want to be able to stay further back). Bob and weave gives me more survivability and longer range. I have noticed compared to other ranged assassins Tychus level 20 choices all feel kind of weaker. He doesn't seem to have the huge power spike other ranged assassins can get at 20.

I know tychus excels at high health enemies, but other then that what map do you like to play him on? Do you like to play him in the group lane or solo? (I've done both, he is surprisingly a pretty good offlaner). Is there an enemy that if you see locked you know you should avoid playing tychus because you will get countered too hard?

Overall tychus is fun. To me he feels more like a mage then a ranged assassin (since a majority of his burst is spell damage). His lack of sustain and short range makes him hard to pick up, but once you get a good flank or a good combo on someone its fun 100-0% people.

What do you guys like to build? Have any tips/tricks for tychus?

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