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Tyrael and the Tank Squeeze: An Idea!!!

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Tyrael and the Tank Squeeze: An Idea!!!

Let me start by saying I love Tyrael so so much. And I love the devs even more. This is all meant to be constructive.

I like how mobile he is, his shielding, Sanctification, etc. I just rarely get to play him because he lacks "hard cc" as a tank until level 10, and if you pick Judgement you're not picking one of the strongest ultimates in the entire game. All of the people I play with would prefer an ETC slide or a Malganis swipe to a slow. Looking at data websites, it looks like I'm not the only one who feels this. Tyrael has the lowest play rate of any tank. Anub'arak (a highly situational tank) has over 2x the pick rate.

We also have, I think it's fair to say, a bit of a tank roster problem right now. We have 11 tanks, and some of them (Arthas, Blaze) are more often found in the offlane. To put that in perspective, we have as many Melee Assassins (a non-essential role) as we do Main Tanks.

I ALSO understand what it would take to create a new tank from scratch, especially because tanks aren't often a "sexy" addition to the game.

Finally, I agree with the design philosophy of Tyrael not having as much traditional cc as other tanks. I think it makes him unique and complex.

SO! I believe we can increase the tank pool by making Tyrael more pickable in more games WITHOUT giving him traditional CC. How? Give Tyrael a toolbox CC talent tier

Let's imagine his level 4 talent tier is shifted to provide any of the following options:

  1. Smite Roots for a short time
  2. W significantly decreases attack speed in an area around Tyrael (probably equal to his explosion talent at 7)
  3. When you re-cast Q, stun in an area around where Tyrael currently is (I know this is "hard cc", but this would force Tyrael to be out of position and unable to help his team follow up!)
  4. Tyrael's basic attacks reduce spell power and attack speed, stacking
  5. Smite or W gives a knockback effect like Lucio
  6. Holy Ground early? Who knows!
  7. The area of Smite becomes unpassable terrain for the enemy for 1 second
  8. Re-casting Q pulls enemy heroes near the sword towards its location
  9. Casting W pulls enemy heroes towards Tyrael's location
  10. While Q sword is on the ground, enemies in an area around Tyrael have their damage reduced.
  11. W blinds the entire map. Who knows?

There's a million of these. Essentially, let Tyrael keep his playstyle of "no hard cc" as a tank, but allow a good Tyrael player to still convince their team he can work by explaining what cc they'd use against the particulars of the enemy team.


  1. Would this require a rework? Most likely. But it's been like 3 years and it's easier than creating a whole new tank
  2. Would this mean getting rid of some favorites like Sword of Justice? Quite possibly
  3. Are any of these better than an ETC slide? Not really. But it still gives Tyrael some oomph!

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