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Tyrael’s Trait Issue isn’t Balance, it’s Wasted Design Opportunities (+Ideas Cuz Why Not)

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Tyrael's Trait Issue isn't Balance, it's Wasted Design Opportunities (+Ideas Cuz Why Not)

I've noticed Archangel's Wrath is discussed a lot lately, and since I've commented a couple times I thought I might as well make a thread. You can ignore the ideas part, that's just me having fun.

It Ain't Junk…Rat

Sure Junkrat has, like, 150% bonus damage on his trait, but in a small area, and no fancy movin' to better secure it. But I don't think it's ever been an issue…?

But Tyrael's trait has had a bit of history to it. He's been UP at various points and lost a couple trait talents. Plus, although it can reliably hit some heroes, the value in Tyrael's trait is zoning. Zoning tends to be underestimated, which is sad considering its depth, partly in indirect value that doesn't get numbers to show for, partly cooperation needed to secure it.

It's an ok trait. Kinda meh. Simple. But also unique and interesting. Plus, to buff it is to remove power from other areas.

Getting Wasted Gets Wasted

The inarguable yes it is problem however, is wasted design space. Not a single talent, aw…

Junkrat's trait activates with Rocket Ride and has a talent. Uther has Redemption. Leoric can just get Fealty, but his trait is complicated and handy enough on its own. SURE Leo has a supreme death-only trait… but he's a skeleton, chill.

With Tyrael, discussion history aside, it can feel odd to have a neglected trait. Although fine in most regards, including balance, it kinda becomes an issue then. Tyrael could get a Storm Talent. Could get complicated without just buffing his trait, but getting new functionalities. See Li Li getting cd reduction. Muradin and Zul'Jin have gotten amazing stuff baseline, aided by quests for balance. I like making stuff up, so I'll throw out some ideas that could add complexity.

What Ain't Gonna Go Well…

But first, to counter some ideas I've seen.

Buffing accuracy baseline, perhaps by including the old 'Even in Death' talent, means the damage would have be measly, or base Tyrael would need nerfs. As a talent it'd make dying a bit more tantalizing, and devs don't even have Murky's Slimy End around no mo. Maybe just having a non-damaging Smite like a reverse Leoric would be fine.

Turning Tyrael's explosion into an Alex's Abundance ala shield means players might ignore using it and just… stand near allies. However, shielding allies per enemy hero hit, maybe in a larger radius, could be interesting.

Respawning faster makes dying more forgiving, and you don't want that… not before 20 at least.

Explode at will. This ain't dropping bombs yo, Tyrael explodes as a spirit only, and he isn't a spooky demon/skeleton.

Storm Talent Ideas

On the current trait iteration. Don't really see anything other than storm talents fitting this.

  • Final Stand: Increase Archangel's Wrath's radius by 25%, and grant Allies within its radius 25% Damage and Movement Speed. Takedowns before the explosion reduce your death timer / cause you to respawn with 25% health. This is a great escape tool for your allies, but for full value they have to avenge you themselves. No armor, but damage and speed, worth the risk?
  • Faster Respawn: Hitting a Hero would reduce your death timer and Heroic cd by 50%. Could even grant speed or yes, the old Even in Death. This is level 20 we're talking about. Encouraging death a bit doesn't mean pushing your foes to the next tier and, well, doesn't the other super giving Tank, E.T.C.,
    death metal - Tyrael's Trait Issue isn't Balance, it's Wasted Design Opportunities (+Ideas Cuz Why Not)have Death Metal?
  • Can't go on like this…" Channel for 2 seconds to shield nearby heroes for 200% of your remaining health for .5 seconds and DIE! You respawn shortly.
  • Falling Angel: You respawn anywhere on the map as a spirit that explodes after 3.5 seconds. Upon exploding, you are revived but also stunned for 3.5 seconds. Basic Attacks reduce the your next death timer by up to 75%.

Base Ideas

Again, I don't mind the trait being what it is. A talent would be enough fun, but still… Wasn't it crazy when Muradin got piercing Q with cd reduction baseline? Wasn't it FUN? Tyrael can become more complex baseline too.

What fits Tyrael's design, the ally boosts, the dives? What can he learn from other heroes? Leoric? Li-Ming? D.Va? Vikings? Explosion damage would be reduced in all of these cases, either to buff the on-death function or buff Tyrael otherwise.

  • Helping Friends: Grant shield to allies provided an enemy Hero is hit. Since it needs to hit enemies, it puts players in an interesting position. Should they use your last breath in an assault, or is it too risky? Would diving your team secure a kill or your allies will live just enough to use your damage to turn the tide of battle?
  • Reverse Leoric: Or you could cast a single ability for free, but without affecting yourself, choosing between a slow, speed or shield. Or, after exploding, your spirit would stay around for a bit, and have a shared 3-sec cd for all your abilities.
  • Reverse Li-Ming: Tyrael is such a giving guy. He gives his friends shields, speed, and even explodes for them! Perhaps his trait would grant him a short bonus if a nearby ally dies, maybe reduce his cooldowns. But then aren't enemies punished both for killing him first and last? Ye, that's the issue with these things.
  • Dibble Benefit: On the other side we haaave… Diablo! Think Tyrael stacking power and losing it when dying. I don't think faster respawn fits him like it does Diablo and Leoric, but he could get Spell Armor (since he's a diver)… or something.

  • Handy Sacrifice: Tyrael could activate his trait to receive a bit of the Basic attack damage nearby allies take… What an ingenious, suicidal way to die faster! That'd be a valid criticism, but the strategic part of it could be interesting.
  • Holy Quest: No, I don't' really see Holy Ground baseline with a quest… but sometimes, core aspects of a hero become baseline, if unlockable. Again, see Muradin. Both Tyrael's trait and Holy Ground give area denial, his heroics a bit as well. Some other new function could be the reward. Perhaps a sort of Ice Block that'd grant armor to Tyrael and nearby allies.
  • Pick me up!: What if an ally could pick Tyrael up and gain armor and speed for a few seconds? No. Forget about it.

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