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Tyrande’s AA build could use a little TLC


The current state of Tyrande has the majority of her AA enabling talents at a mere 10% popularity. This is despite > being 40% popularity, that heals based on your attack damage. Even worse, it seems the few that play the AA build don't seem to be using it to heal, at least they do not take Elune's Chosen. This tells us the AA build is only being picked to enable AA Assassins, with the 25% AA aura, armor shred and heal when they attack.

The odd talent sitting out is >, with the least popularity and the least winrate in her entire tree! Now as we said before, the AA Assassin enabling build does well within its niche so we shouldn't buff that part of the build. Trueshot Aura (TSA for short) gives Tyrande 15% attack damage all the time and increases that to 25% on an active. TSA also gives everyone in aura range that 25% damage. The aura part seems fine, but her own attack damage is lacking. I would like TSA to give Tyrande more attack damage to better synergize with other talents that enable her attack. That way the talent isn't just for enabling other AA Assassins, let it enable herself! Make it give her 25% more attack damage all the time! Its underperforming and could use a buff so this is what stood out to me.

While on the topic of Tyrande, I would all like her 13 tier buffed. > dominates this tier and with good reason!


Now I am no Tyrande main just I always liked her identity as the ranged AA Healer so I would like that spec to be a little more viable. However, even Whitemain and Brightwing AA builds are more popular! Even Stukov taking 1 single talent has nearly the same ranged dps!

  • Stukov: 259 * .6 = 155.4 dps> single talent all he needs, even comes with a slow.
  • Whiterain: 91 * (1+.15x) +55(burst) = 138 dps, 238 burst> >, I expect x to be 3 from 3 stacks of zeal but used 5 stacks of zeal for burst, although this can be higher with multi heroes.
  • Brightwing: 133 * 1 = 133 dps > >, not much for damage boosters but because BW can AA fairly safely she can do respectable damage without risk.
  • Tyrande: 108 * (1.15+0.x) * 1.2 * 1.15+splashes = 124 dps, 156dps (at 16), 187 dps (at 20), 142 burst, 204 burst (at 16), 245 burst (at 20) > >. x is expected to be 3 (although thats generous) from Darnassian Archery stacks. Her burst is comparable to WM with 2 talents at 4 and 7 while Tyrande needs to use her 16 and 20 talents to match that. The return for investment seems lacking.

Note: Not positive what is multiplicative and what is additive.

What do you guys think?

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