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Tyrande’s Trait Build Is Janky

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Tyrande's Trait Build Is Janky

> and > don't interact with eachother. I get why you might want a talent that makes her able to allow her tank allies to heal themselves for percent health instead of flat healing, but having her first two talent tiers for her trait build not interact the way they do is… awkward.

trueshot aura on its own is also janky. It resets the CD on your trait when you activate it, AND gives your allies a bonus when you activate it, which means a lot of the time you'll have no opportunity to mark an enemy so your mark is off CD, then your team will line up for a push so you'll go to pop it for its AA boost but doing so wasted a cast of mark and you get this pang of having wasted the potential of your ability even tho you were using it wisely. You could throw it on something and immediately pop trueshot just to not waste it but the point of mark is that you're supposed to be focusing on the enemy who has it so just whipping it out at two enemies just to not waste it feels bad too. It isn't bad in the sense that it's unbalanced, it just… doesn't feel good to use. Most use cases for it has an end-result of making the player feel like they're wasting potential.

> and > also don't interact. This one is really bizarre, it means that huntress's fury is actually more of a Q talent than a trait talent bc it will proc cooldown redux for your Q but not for your trait (once you get rangers mark).

huntress's fury on its own could use a touch-up. It used to affect anything you could mark but Bliz (wisely) nerfed it so you can't wipe everything on the screen with your mark, buut, it was tyr's only consisten source of waveclear and I miss it. It was also nice to sometimes have a reason to cast it on a non-hero to justify even being able to


rangers mark on its own is also weird. The way that it just gives you cooldown reduction every time you AA no matter who you hit feels really flat, there's no skill expression to using it. It feels like it should be giving a bigger bonus than it does to justify being in the lvl13 or 16 slot but they had to tone it down bc of how easy it is to proc. Also it's a trait talent, but it reduces the CD of your E per hit more than it does your trait — so again, it's a trait talent that's actually more of an E talent. Not a matter of balance, it's just a bit janky when you're trying to run a trait build and the game is cramming bigger buffs to the abilities you're trying not to focus on just so you can get a small buff to the ability that the talents say they're for

The smallest changes Tyrande's trait build needs to feel less jank; activating trueshot aura gives your mark a second charge if you don't already have one, using that charge removes it. That way if you have it up & you pop aura you just get a second free use and you just have to use it at some point in the next 45 seconds to have not wasted it. Mark of mending either gets changed into healing allied heroes for a % of their damage dealt or gets moved onto level 1 so you can't take it and trueshot. Huntress's fury damages non-heroes if it's cast on a non-hero and heroes if it's cast on a hero, so you can use it to wave clear without it also breaking the game. Ranger's mark only reduces mark CD while hitting an enemy who is marked but its CD redux is increased.

Also, tyrande should be able to stack marks. She has a CD reducing talent and a storm talent that applies marks in an AOE, but casting mark on an enemy in the empowered ult just eats your CD & does nothing. She should be able to stack marks. If she could, trueshot aura working the way it does wouldnt be an issue. Additionally, Darnassian Archery should make apply mark do damage with a bonus versus enemies with shield or armor — this also solves the trueshot aura problem (but late in the game) by letting her use the reset to burst enemies, and also gives the talent a little bit of love

PS, none of this is a balance discussion. I've said it before but it warrants reiterating.

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