Heroes of the Storm

Undocumented changes from the 2.52.0(D.Va, Gazlowe Rework) Patch

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Undocumented changes from the 2.52.0(D.Va, Gazlowe Rework) Patch

Undocumented changes from previous live version:


  • Updated tooltip on Night Terrors to say Sleep Dart instead of Sleeping Dart


  • Tooltip updated for Hunter-Gatherer to clarify the increased health regeneration applies to both Rexxar and Misha
  • Fixed an issue where the visual for Misha's Focus target would not be properly cleared


  • Fixed a typo in Vengeful Knives tooltip


  • Fixed an issue where an Seven Sided Strike did not properly lock Kharazim's movement, and he also no longer has a collision box while this is active


  • Corpse Explosion damage now uses the button value for Raise Skeleton


  • Fixed an issue where Mark of Mending would not heal targets in certain situations


  • Fixed an issue where Anduin's Holy Reach would not be properly cleared upon resetting talents


  • Fixed an issue where Purification Salvo's targeting visuals would not be created under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where Phase Bomb's splash would not extend the duration of Divert Power: Weapons


  • Sandblast can no longer impact invulnerable enemies


  • Onslaught now features an AI Warning Area(but it's disabled, don't think this matters)


  • Up The Frequency range indicator is now only visible to Lucio


  • Bullet Spray's first target search now prioritises Heroes


  • Displacement abilities now don't disable Magazine abilities(Arthas Ghouls is presently the only one of these IIRC)
  • Cursed Hollow Core Curse Ability is now obscured by Fog of War, and the armor debuff is now removed on death

Undocumented changes against PTR

Gladiator's Medallion

  • No longer features the ChannelingMinimum flag on the ability(unsure of the actual impact here)
  • Visuals are now based off of the Cleanse effect, rather than the cast effect
  • Custom override for multiple hero-unit heroes now applies the bonus based on the effect firing, rather than when it enters the command queue


  • D.Va now transfers Hearthstone being disabled to her Mech if it is present on the Pilot
  • Fixed an issue where targets close to D.Va's Mech would not be damaged by her Basic Attacks
  • Big Shot is now placed on a 6 second cooldown when interrupted(reduced to 4 seconds if Headshot is taken)
  • Updated the visuals for Destroyer D.Va and Terran D.Va in relation to the basic attack indicator
  • Fixed an issue where enemies that dealt percentage damage to D.Va's Mech while affected by Defense Matrix would grant her additional Self-Destruct charge
  • Get On The Point movement speed bonus is now removed by death effects
  • Softened the turnspeed on the Micro Missiles turret effect
  • Bunny Hop now disables the Hearthstone and Objective Interaction abilities
  • Target Locked armor reduction is now removed by stasis effects
  • Torpedo Dash movement controller duration reduced from 0.4375 to 0.375(you'll be able to act sooner)
  • Torpedo Dash is only placed on short cooldown after ejecting if the cooldown is less than 0.75 seconds
  • Pro Moves Maximum Armor bonus increased to 15 stacks
  • Diverting Power now only heals D.Va's Mech if the damage is prevented to a hero
  • Fixed an issue where Pilot Basic Attacks would deal 50% increased damage
  • Fixed an issue where Ablative Armor's heal would not be affected by Heal Taken or Heal Dealt modifiers
  • Fixed an issue where Ablative Armor's heal would not increase D.Va's SelfHealing score
  • Fixed an issue where Ablative Armor's damage tracker would not be affected by Time Stop(note that this only checks for Time Stop every second, and if found, it then checks every 0.0625s to see if it can go back to waiting another second)
  • Fixed an issue where Stop and Pop would be paused in duration if the move command was issued onto an enemy
  • Updated the tooltip for Full Metal to make more clear that it leeches for a percentage of the total damage dealt to enemies in the bonus damage area
  • Updated the tooltip for Micro Missiles to clarify the slow applies to all targets hit, not just Heroes
  • Updated the tooltip for Good To Go to reorganise Torpdo Dash and Concussive Pulse in order of appearance
  • Updated the tooltip for In For The Kill to clarify the bonus damage is only for Mech Basic Attacks
  • Updated the behavior toolip for Pro Moves to display both the Armor bonus and the Movement speed bonuses
  • Updated the tooltip for Ablative Armor to use the term Spell Damage instead of Ability Damage
  • Updated the following the Big Shot, to remove the placeholder text


  • Fixed an issue where the attack range indicator for Rock-It! Turrets would not properly match their attack range
  • Goblin Fusion is now labelled as an upgrade to the Rock-It! Turret ability
  • Goblin Fusion is now also appended to Rock-It! Turret ability
  • The icon for the Goblin Fusion talent has been updated to a dual-ability icon
  • Superior Schematics damage malus is now additive, rather than multiplicative
  • Focus Turrets is now displayed in the quick cast settings
  • Updated miscellaneous visuals for the Big Top Gazlowe Skin
  • Updated miscellaneous visuals for the CraftWars Gazlowe Skin
  • Updated miscellaneous visuals for the Scifi Gazlowe Skin
  • Updated the tooltip for Master Blaster to clarify the slow is only extended for Master Blaster from Basic Attacks
  • Updated the tooltip for Superior Schematics to only call out that the Turret Basic Attack range is increased
  • Updated the tooltip for EZ-PZ Dimensional Ripper and Rock-It Turret and Overcharged Capacitors to fix typos & similar issues


  • King of Blades is no longer tagged as having new VFX


  • Fixed an issue where Celestial Charge's Caster Marker would not properly match the duration of the channel(this fixes an issue with Molten Armor being activated while Celestial Charge is active)


  • Removed the Cassia Cute Goddess Spray?
  • Special Kill Responses now have a 100% chance of firing, from 15%

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