Heroes of the Storm

Undocumented changes from the 2.53.0(Hogger) Patch

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Undocumented changes from the 2.53.0(Hogger) Patch

Undocumented changes from previous live version


  • Cryptweaver's Duration will no longer be increased in health if Anub'arak is in stasis while near the Cocoon Target
  • Traitor King now uses Anub'araks icon, rather than the Hardened Shield Icon
  • Fixed an issue where Cocoon would apply the Cryptweaver duration counter after resetting talents


  • Ruthless now deals damage prior to Whirlwind


  • Fish Eye no longer reveals targets in stasis


  • Fixed an issue where Ancestral Healing's pre-application visual would not be destroyed properly
  • Fixed an issue where Farseer's Blessing would cast a second time on targets that have died


  • Fixed an issue where the armor reduction from Lacerate would apply prior to the Slam Damage


  • Fixed an issue where the armor reduction from Cold Embrace would apply prior to the damage over time for the initial target(the first instance of damage will now be unaffected, but the last now will be)


  • Fixed an issue where the armor reduction from Feedback would apply prior to the first damage effect of Tassadar's Basic Attacks


  • Fixed an issue where the Spellpower bonus from Overcharged Capacitors would not match the number of Rock-It! Turrets active
  • Overcharged Capacitors now displays on the buff bar with the active Spellpower granted.


  • Fixed an issue where Infest would buff nearby Ranged Minions while Zagara was in stasis


  • Fixed an issue where Lightwell would be reduced in cooldown when Anduin leeched life while at full health


  • Twisting Nether is now properly paused if Cho'Gall is placed in Stasis


  • Fixed an issue where the armor reduction from would Sharpened Arrowheads apply prior to the damage for Basic Attacks
  • Sharpened Arrowheads no longer applies if the target is evading or Hanzo is Blind


  • Fixed an issue where the armor reduction from would Lingering Ailment apply prior to the damage for the Revolving Sweep chain impacts


  • Fixed issues where Probius's level 13 talents would apply when the target or Pylons were in stasis


  • Fixed an issue where the armor reduction from Way of the Blade would apply prior to his Basic Attack Damage


  • Focus Fire damage reduced from 84 to 80


  • Fixed an issue where the armor reduction from Purge the Wicked would apply prior to the first instance of damage(Yes, this has a different implementation than Sylv's Shadow Dagger, there the first instance of damage is dealt through a behavior, here it is it's own effect)


  • Fixed an issue where the armor reduction Hellbat Basic Attacks from would apply prior to their Basic Attack Damage


  • Fixed missing localisation for Invincilisk Mount
  • Tower Armor Shred is now classified as the Vulnerable debuff, meaning it will be removed by effects that remove vulnerable debuffs, such as Ice Block
  • Replaced the Play Overwatch Heroes daily quest with Play Overwatch or Nexus Heroes daily quest

Undocumented changes against PTR


  • Fixed an issue where Hogger could walk through terrain
  • Hogg Wild now features a fallback situation for when Hogger spins through and gets stuck in terrain, which can be seen here:
    p486cj - Undocumented changes from the 2.53.0(Hogger) Patch
  • Ez-Thro Dynamite can no longer be self-cast
  • On The Prowl now Dismounts on cast
  • No Control range indicator now properly matches the cast range
  • Fixed an issue where Hogg Wild's visual would not be properly removed if the cast was interrupted
  • Pummel's Ability Power reduction is now classed as Ability Power reduction, and is also removed when the target enters a special death state
  • Fixed an issue where Dense Blasting Powder would not create the dynamite sticks at the correct locations
  • Fixed an issue where Dust Devils would be increased in duration if No Control is active
  • Ez-Thro Dynamite now reveals targets hit
  • Ez-Thro Dynamite can no longer detonate on direct hit after it has been split by Dense Blasting Powder
  • Fixed an issue where Dense Blasting Powder could split Ez-Thro dynamite after it has been detonated
  • Ez-Thro Dynamite now grants vision within its blast radius while it is counting down
  • Loot Hoard and Hoardapult's terrain can now be killed by the Hall of Storms safezone


  • Battlefield of Eternity Immortals now no longer collide with the ground plane
  • Hanamura Payload now prevents creation of terrain units within its proximity
  • Hanamura Payload will now destroy Nydus, Devouring Maw, Force Wall, Arreat Crater, Barricade(Sgt. Hammer), Holy Ground and Entomb instead of just Nydus if it blocks the path

As you see, this patch had a lot of fixes for Armor Reduction order, which is something I brought up a few months back, so I'm glad to see this mostly get resolved, but there is still the case of Hanzo's Storm Bow and Nova's Anti-Armor Shells, and Hanzo's Storm Bow will now also no longer apply Sharpened Arrowheads if the target is evading or if Hanzo is Blind, which I'd consider a bug.

While looking through I noticed a bug with Whitemane's Purge the Wicked – the first instance of damage, being a separate effect, actually doesn't have the modifier present for Fanatical Power being active.

In regards to the Hogger PTR changes, you can see in the linked video that the Blue team Hogger gets launched into the sky as he got stuck in the terrain on the bridge, while the Red team Hogger just span through the terrain without issue, this is because the Red team hogger wasn't inside terrain for long enough – once the game figures out you've been stuck outside of pathable space for 3 reflects, it ejects you to the nearest valid terrain, and ends Hogg Wild

I think that's about everything that actually effects gameplay.

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