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Using Internet Trends to try to predict the player base of HOTS

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Using Internet Trends to try to predict the player base of HOTS


This is just out of curiosity and fun but I like to see if we could predict a 'estimated' number of players who still play Heroes of the Storm based off internet trends (Please take this with a grain of salt)

I use google trends to compare search interests for the game and see how it has declined overtime.

Note: Interest overtime is measured by top peak performance ever and how specific time periods relate to it to measure the amount of interest for a subject (Check out Link above to see what I mean):

So the past five years across the world:

2019: The average interest for Heroes, according to google trends, has been a scale number of '2' mostly

2018: Average interest has been '6-4'

2017: Starting with Post Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Peak (after it's first few months around July) to end of of the year the scale number is between '9-7'

The difference between 2017 Post HOTS 2.0 and 2018 is about 33-42% decline in interest overtime (Natural for games to lose interests)

The difference between 2018 and 2019 average is about 50-66% decline in interests overtime (This is the year where Esports and Development were cut back).

Now according to SuperData (take grain of slat), Heroes has had 6.5 Million player base at the time of 2018:

Looks like Heroes of the Storm has 6.5m accounts right now from heroesofthestorm


If 2018-2019 has had a decline of 50-66% and we equate that with the 6.5 million users (funny how we meet 6.5 again…) we get a range of 2.21-3.25 million as a active user base if we decided to determine interests as a defining factor of estimated users.

Now if we look at twitch numbers past year: https://twitchtracker.com/games/32959 (click on monthly comparison after)

We have average viewership of 7000 (2018) going to 2000 (2019) views average daily that is about 71% decline from the previous year. Just note twitch numbers get a boost form 2018 Esports Scene and Top Streamers Sponsored and is probably more questionable.

Theirs no full transparency for how much players we have had before in the past. Nonetheless, I think we can guess that about 50%-66% of players probably have lost active interest as a basic range. In my opinion a 2-3 million of possible players still coming back and playing is still a good sign for this game if it's true.

-Thanks for reading

(Note, I may had made an error in numbers or something went off, so apologizes in advance

Note 2: the numbers of first link somehow change just a bit if opened by mobile or desktop but the general trend of change likely remains the same)

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