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Valeera Rework by Random

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Valeera Rework by Random

Valeera's talent diversity is really bad. Sinister Strike build dominates and for good reason since the other builds are way too situational. My goal with this rework was to try and open up other builds by reducing some restrictions that made picking other talents not worth it and hopefully be easy to implement.

Her weaknesses still remain the same being weak waveclear, weak when revealed, and hard learning curve due to having to hit sinister strike.

Level 1 Talent Tier

  1. Vigor – Valeera regenerates an additional 5 energy per sec. Reward: after gathering 10 globes increase Valeera’s maximum energy to 120. (Buffed to compete with Relentless Strikes)
  2. Combat Readiness – Each Combo Point spent grants 75 Physical Armor against the next enemy Hero Basic Attack, reducing its damage by 75%. Stores up to 3 charges. (Good talent for solo laning)
  3. Elusiveness – Increases Valeera’s Movement Speed while Vanished by an additional 15% and when Valeera is unstealthed she gains 15 armor for 3 seconds. (Moved from 20 because it felt weak as a level 20. Movespeed was reduced by 5% to compensate and was given armor to be more competitive on this tier.)
  4. Crippling Poison – Activate to make Valeera’s next damaging Ability and subsequent Abilities within 4 seconds Slow targets by 20% for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Activating Crippling Poison does not break Stealth.

Level 4 Talent Tier

  1. Relentless Strikes – Reduces the Energy cost of Sinister Strike by 15. (Strong talent doesn't need changing)
  2. Weaponmaster – Increase Valeera’s autoattack damage by 30%. (Removed restriction of having the target be afflicted with garrote but reduced damage by 10%.)
  3. Deeper Stratagem – Valeera now has a max of 5 combo points and eviscerate does 25% extra damage when used with 5 combo points. (This talent was introduced to add an eviscerate focused build.)
  4. Wound Poison – Activate to make Valeera’s next damaging Ability and subsequent Abilities within 4 seconds reduce enemy healing received by 50% for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Activating Wound Poison does not break Stealth.

Level 7 Talent Tier

  1. Mutilate – Sinister Strike now hits with both blades, dealing 125% additional damage, but its range is reduced by 1. (Very well designed talent doesn't need changes.)
  2. Slice and Dice – Eviscerating an enemy grants 150% Attack Speed. Lasts 3 seconds or 1 + combo points used Basic Attacks. (Added one more basic attack but otherwise just changed so that it can be used at any combo points.)
  3. Thistle Tea – Activate to instantly restore 150 energy over 3 seconds and gain 25% spell power for 4 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Activating Thistle Tea does not break Stealth. (Moved to 7 so Valeera has any energy talent at each tier early because she should solve her energy problems earlier. Made it over a duration to prevent over capping and gave a small damage aspect to compete with the other two damage options.)

Level 10 Talent Tier – (Both her heroics are competitive)

  1. Smoke Bomb – Create a cloud of smoke. While in the smoke, Valeera is Unrevealable, can pass through other units, and gains 30 Armor, reducing damage taken by 30%. Valeera can continue to attack and use abilities without being revealed. Lasts 5 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds. Using this Ability does not break Stealth.
  2. Cloak of Shadows – Valeera is enveloped in a Cloak of Shadows, which immediately removes all damage over time effects from her. For 1.5 seconds, she becomes Unstoppable and gains 75 Spell Armor, reducing Ability Damage taken by 75%. Cooldown: 15 seconds. Using this Ability does not break Stealth.

Level 13 Talent Tier – ( People will disagree with me on this but I actually really like her 13 and feel all the talents are competitive.)

  1. Death from Above – Teleporting with Ambush reduces the cooldown of Vanish by 4 seconds.
  2. Blind – Increase the duration of Cheap Shot’s Blind by 2.5 seconds.
  3. Strangle – Using Garrote on a Hero reduces their Spell Power by 40% for 6 seconds.

Level 16 Talent Tier

  1. Seal Fate – Sinister Strike deals 50% additional damage and generates an additional Combo Point when used against Silenced, Rooted, or Stunned enemy Heroes. (Good talent that synergies well with her kit and other heroes.)
  2. Assassinate – Ambush deals 100% additional damage and reduces the target’s Armor by an additional 10 if no other enemy Heroes are within 4 range of the victim. (Small buff to instant damage to make Ambush build a little more appealing compared to Eviscerate build.)
  3. Initiative – Ambush, Cheap Shot, and Garrote grant 15% Movement Speed for 3 seconds and award 3 Combo Points. (Moved to 16 so that it will be taken with Eviscerate and Autoattack build and stick to the target long enough to deal damage. Buffed by 1 combo points to be competitive with the other options)

Level 20 Talent Tier

  1. Up In Smoke – While enemies are in Smoke Bomb they’re vision is greatly reduced. (Adrenaline Rush changed because Valeera should not have energy issues at 20. Gave Smoke Bomb an offensive element to encourage different use of it.)
  2. Enveloping Shadows – Whenever Valeera uses Vanish, she also gains Cloak of Shadows
  3. Subtlety – After being stealthed for 1.5 seconds, Ambush, Cheap Shot, and Garrote have 100% increased range, and cause Valeera to teleport to the target when used. (People liked Rupture but it had the restriction of using Garrote and was the only damage option at 20 so was replaced by a utility one that will hopefully give her more mobility late game.)
  4. Master Poisoner – Valeera gains access to Crippling Poison and Wound Poison. (Was conflicted on this one since it will probably be most picked but I feel it would be an interesting 20 to trade not having crippling early.)

I might not agree with you, but I appreciate any feedback or thoughts to help me see something I might have missed.

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