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Vindicator Maraad Hero Concept (Support / “Multiclass”)

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Vindicator Maraad Hero Concept (Support / "Multiclass")

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When Yrel was announced for Heroes of the Storm back in 2018 – I felt that Maraad got snubbed and thus; I rapidly began working on what is to this date in my arsenal of 40+ Concepts – The hero concept I am the most satisfied with. Originally being published on Heroesfire back in 2018 – I decided to give my Maraad concept a bit of a "refresh" as the Role System has been revamped. Originally designed back in June of 2018 – This concept is designed to be a "Multiclass" hero so keep that in mind if you keep on reading and don't think too hard about the "Support" tag since – While it is what I'd call the closest to the "right" role – It's still not anywhere near as on the point as what Multiclass would have been.

I will include this link to the Heroesfire concept page as that is where any major adjustments / changes will be applied + it is the main page for concepts in general. But in case anyone does not wish to leave Reddit – I will list the concepts abilities and talents down bellow.




Having fought in many wars to defend his fellow Draenei people from the Burning Legion: Vindicator Maraad made a name for himself as a Paladin who'd stand tall and brave in the face of danger. With a strong connection too the Holy Light and a crystalline light blessed hammer of the Naaru at his disposal – the power of righteousness would be swiftly be delivered to anyone who'd dare oppose them.

Trough his life: Maraad witnessed more things unfold compared to what a regular mortal would do. He witnessed his beloved city of Shattrath be assaulted, razed and laid to ruins by the Orcs – The very same Orcs that slaughtered his fellow Draenei and among them: his very own sister – Leading him on the path of seeking vengeance against the Orcs

He befriended Archmage Khadgar, learned that the half-orc assassin Garona Halforcen was his niece, became a founding member of the New Council of Tirisfal, started teaching his grandson – Son of Medivh: Med'an – the ways of the light, ventured to both Northrend and Pandaria, resulting in journeys, experience and encounters beyond what most Draenei ever would imagine to see within their entire lifespan – Yet his hatred for the Orcs was always bruning at the back of his head, and sooner than expected he'd have a chance once again at getting what he sought.

When the Iron Horde opened the Black Portal to the alternate timeline of Draenor: Maraad saw a golden opportunity too do what he wanted. Pushing the Iron Horde back, re-experiencing his lost Draenor come back to life, and taking on this alternate world with bravery to stop and slay the Orcs – But a tragedy it would end inn: sacrificing his life to save his friends from a bombardment which was sendt upon them by the Orc Blackhand – Maraad drew his last breath to save his allies and would as a ghost during his own cremation – acknowledge the powers of the Draenei Yrel after a trial of combat and lave his Hammer with her too now reach out the justice which he no longer can.

As the Nexus called upon the souls and spirits of those who'd stand tall in the face of danged: Maraad was brought back to life within the Nexus and would stand side by side with old friends and new allies in order to once again: reach out his own justice against those who would seek to do harm.


Role description:

Maraas is a Multiclasss Hero who takes up his designated role depending on what Trait (D) he picks. While his toolkit will always force him to do a bit of everything – His Trait (D) are going to define the way he decides to play out for the game.


Baste stats:

– Base Health: 2093 (+4 % per level)

– Health regen: 4.33 (+4 % per level)

– Mana: 500 (+ 4% per level)

– Mana regen: 3.68 (+ 4% per level)

– Movement speed: 100%

Basic attack:

Maraad attacks using his two handed Hammer of the Naaru. Depending on his Trait however – He will switch around on his weapon appearance and will thus have his attack range altered accordingly. His attack speed and base damage remains the same however.

– Base damage: 99 (+4 % per level)

– Attack speed: 1

– Attack range: 2


Combat Trait(s) (Functions just like Kharazim's – There is 3 in total but you only get to pick one as a level 1 talent)


Alter Maraad's Mace into a one-handed one, he also picks up a book of the Holy Light which empowers his healing powers.

Passive: Your Divine Light (Q) becomes instant cast. Nearby allied heroes becomes unstoppable if they channel a non-heroic ability. This effect stops working if whatever is being channeled has a "hold at max charge" function. This does not work on Objective channels.

Your Basic attack range is reduced from 2 to 1.

Activate: Cleanse all nearby allied heroes of roots and movement slowing effects.

Mana: 0

Cooldown: 30 Seconds.

Aura Radius: 8



Alter Maraad's Mace into a one handed one, he also takes fragments from his mace and creates a crystal shield in order to boost his defenses.

Passive: Your Consecration (W) area grows by 25% and grants you 15% movement speed while on it. Gain 10 armor and grant nearby allied heroes 5 Armor.

You Basic attack range is reduced from 2 to 1.

Activate: Grant all nearby allied heroes 10 additional Armor and boost your own Armor by 20 for 3 seconds.

Mana: 0

Cooldown: 30 Seconds.

Aura Radius: 8



Maraad empowers himself with the holy light, increasing his strength to better allow him to deal damage to his enemies.

Passive: Your Justicar's Vengeance (E) grants you 75% basic attack speed for 3 seconds. Gain 50 additional basic attack damage. When you or nearby allied heroes takes damage, whatever dealt said damage will take 5% of their own damage in return.

Activate: Cause first hostile attack of any type which next strikes yourself and nearby allies to be reflected back at the attacker for 25% of the damage taken. This effect lasts for 3 seconds.

Mana: 0

Cooldown: 30 Seconds.

Aura Radius: 8



After a 1 second channel, heal the selected allied target for 402 (+ 4% per level) health.

Mana: 50

Cooldown: 10 Seconds.



Instantly cause an area around you to burn with holy fire, dealing 87 (+ 4% per level) damage per second to all hostile heroes standing upon the holy ground. This holy ground lasts for 4 seconds.

The moment Consecration is cast; apply a 20% slow to all nearby hostile units which lasts until they leave the Consecrated ground. Gain 4 Armor per hostile hero affected by the slow until the Consecration ends.

Mana: 50

Cooldown: 12 Seconds.



Instantly strike the selected nearby hostile target for 193 (+ 4% per level) damage.

Mana: 35

Cooldown: 8 Seconds.


Heroic Abilities – (R)


(Requires Consecration Aura)

Start a 6 second channel which causes Maraad to shine the holy light on all allied targets within a frontal cone. Allies within the holy light will be healed for 200 (+ 4% per level) health each second.

Maraad can turn while channeling this ability but not move. While channeling, Maraad is unstoppable and gains 50 Armor.

Mana: 80

Cooldown: 90 Seconds.




(Requires Devotion Aura)

Instantly charge shield first at the selected hostile target, dealing 175 (+ 4% per level) damage upon impact. The target of the charge will become rooted for 2 seconds. Any hostile heroes around the charged target will become stunned for 0.5 seconds.

Mana: 70

Cooldown: 80 Seconds.



(Requires Retribution Aura)

Instantly toss a Hammer of Vengeance at the selected target. The hammer will deal damage equal to 15% of the target's total maximum health. If the Hammer kills the target, it will bounce to the nearest hostile hero. The Hammer can bounce like this 2 times but loses 5% of the total maximum health damage potential for each jump.

If Hammer of Vengeance fails to kill the target, Maraad will take damage equal to what the Hammer dealt to the selected target. This effect can only trigger if the initial Hammer fails to kill, not any consecutive bounced ones.

Mana: 110

Cooldown: 100 Seconds.



Summon a Guardian of Ancient Kings.

Before being summoned, Maraad can select if he want's to summon a Holy, Protective or Righteous Guardian.

Once the Guardian has spawned, it will stick around for 16 seconds while following Maraad around and attacking nearby hostile heroes while doing actions depending on what type of Guardian that was summoned.

A Holy Guardian will use a instant cast Divine Light at a nearby injured allied hero each 4 seconds. This prioritizes heroes on low health.

A Protective Guardian will bless an allied hero each 4 seconds. Granting them 20 armor for 2 seconds. This will prioritize heroes on low health.

A Righteous Guardian will leap to a hostile hero and use Justicar's Vengeance each 4 seconds. This will prioritize hostile heroes on low health.

Guardian stats:

Health: 1600 (+ 4% per level).

125 Base damage (+ 4% per level).

1 Attack speed.

Movement speed equal to normal heroes.

Holy Guardian: Regenerates 250 health each second after not taking damage for 3 seconds.

Protective Guardian: 50 Armor and 50% reduced effect from CC.

Righteous Guardian: 50% increased attack and movement speed.

Maraad can re-activate the ultimate ability after summoning to make the Guardian follow a select hostile or allied hero, making the Guardian priotizie using it's abilities on the selected unit. This can also be used to simply make the Guardian move to a select location, it will still use it's functions each 4th second if possible.




– Concentration Aura.

– Devotion Aura.

– Retribution Aura.


– Blessed Bringer of Bravery:

Using Divine Light causes your next Justicar's Vengance and Consecration to deal 25% increased damage.

– Dedicated Deliverer of Devotion:

Using Consecration increases the healing of your next Divine Light by 25% it also makes your next Justicar's Vengeance heal you for 100% of the damage dealt.

– Maraad's Message of Malice:

Using Justicar's Vengance allows your next Divine Light to be used to damage a enemy hero and let your next Consecration be placed at a targeted location instead of underneath your feet.


– Blessing of Might:

Empower a select allied hero, granting them 20% increased basic attack and ability damage. This effect lasts til the target dies or until Maraad Blesses another target. If the target should die, Maraad will instantly gain an empowered version of this buff with twice the effect which lasts for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 Seconds. Maximum one target can be blessed at any time.

– Blessing of Wisdom:

Empower a select allied hero, causing them to refund 50% of the mana used on any abilities. This effect lasts til the target dies or until Maraas Blesses another target. If the target should die, Maraad will instantly gain an empowered version of this buff which causes him to refund all mana spendt on abilities for the next 5 seconds. Over-refunded mana will now turn into healing which will be distributed to nearby allied heroes.

Cooldown: 30 Seconds. Maximum one target can be blessed at any time.

– Blessing of Sanctuary:

Empower a select allied hero, granting them 50% reduction too CC functions. This effect lasts til the target dies or until Maraad Blesses another target. If the target should die, Maraad will instantly gain an empowered version of this buff which makes him become unstoppable for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 Seconds. Maximum one target can be blessed at any time.

– Blessing of Salvation:

Empower a select allied hero, granting them 25% increased ability recharge rate. This effect lasts til the target dies or until Maraad Blesses another target. If the target should die, Maraad will instantly gain an empowered version of this buff which makes his abilities recharge 50% faster for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 Seconds. Maximum one target can be blessed at any time.


– Light of Dawn.

– Shield of the Righteousness.

– Hammer of Justice.

– Guardian of Ancient Kings.


– Beacon of Light:

Using Divine Light will heal you for 75% of the healing / damage done.

– Protector of the innocent:

Consecration grants allied heroes 25% movement speed while on the holy ground and for 1.5 seconds after leaving it.

– Divine Purpose:

Justicar's Vengeance has a 25% chance to instantly have it's cooldown refreshed and it's mana cost refunded. This effect has a 16 seconds cooldown.- Aura Mastery:Reduce the Cooldown of your Aura / Trait (D) by 50%


– Light from Above:

Divine Light will also heal / damage nearby allied / Hostile heroes for 50% of the amount healed / damaged. This effect is increased too 75% if standing upon Consecrated Ground.

– Fires of Justice:

Consecration allows you to use your next Justicar's Vengeance too leap to a friendly or hostile target.

– Divine Blade:

Justicar's Vengeance causes your Divine Light to gain 1 additional charge, allowing it too be used twice in rapid succession. Divine Light can not hold more than 2 charges at one time.

– Blessing of the Naaru:

Once your level 7 Blessing has been cast – You will be given the option to cast one of the 3 un-selected Blessings upon another allied hero (One hero can not be given two blessings) – This secondary Blessing only has half the power of it's original level 7 Version and does not grant Maraad any empowered Blessing upon allied death.


– Radiance of Light:

Light of Dawn now covers a larger area, lasts for 2 more seconds and Maraad can move while casting this ability but loses the unstoppable effect.

– Long hand of the law:

Shield of Righteousness can be cast at 50% increased range. Roots for 2.5 seconds and stuns for 1 second. Damage dealt to the main target is doubled and hostile heroes hit by the area stun blast takes 50% of the charged targets damage.

– Vengeance is mine:

Hammer of Justice no longer has any drawbacks if it fails to kill the selected target. Should the Hammer kill it's target, the fist initial leap will now also do 15% damage. Allowing the Hammer to bounce 3 times should all targets stuck die.

– Light, watch over me:

Upon death, Maraad will turn into a Guardian suited too his Trait's functionality. Allowing him to preform a Guardian's task for 16 seconds. If the target that killed Maraad dies within close proximity of Maraad's Guardianform – It will allow Maraad to return to life with 50% of his health and mana.

Cooldown: 180 Seconds. (The cooldown on this function triggers even if Maraad fails in returning to life)

– Protective and Vengfull Light:

Activate this too place an extremely empowered version of your trait upon the selected allied hero.

Concentration Aura: Make a target become unstoppable for 4 seconds.

Devotion Aura: Grant a target 75 Armor for 4 seconds.

Retribution Aura: Make the next ability that strikes this target reflect back at the damage dealer for twice the amount of damage dealt. This effect triggers even if the allied target dies from the attack.Can not be cast upon yourself.

Cooldown: 90 Seconds.


That's it for my Maraad concept – The reason(s) as to why I decided to update and post this concept despite how "new" the original version was; mainly came down to 3 things.

A: With Anduin coming. I wanted to post this since their Q abilities are rather similar. I feared that if I waited a while before post thing; people would rapidly call me out on being "un-creative" with Maraad's (Q). So I wanted to put emphasis on how this concept was made in June of 2018 and thus dates long before Anduin.

B: This is as mentioned above – The hero concept in my arsenal that I am the most satisfied with due to the talent synergies I got.

C: With most of my new concepts / old upcoming re-designed planed for posting here on Reddit – I wanted to ensure that some of my old ones is mixed in so that they are not left behind and forgotten since; Not all of my older concepts are in need for a massive overhaul like my recent Sombra one.

On that note – I would like to thank everyone for their feedback on my Sombra concept. As in that concept I will say the same here:

Any and all feedback is welcome as it allows me to improve as a guy who just loves making Concepts.

Thanks for any and all of your time – Have a nice day!

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