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We Need Some Lore Skins

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - We Need Some Lore Skins

hi ' as WoW fan there is many Lore Skins i want to see in HotS

and BFA Bring many new Models for the main Characters like :

deCtCKO - We Need Some Lore Skins

Lord Admiral Jaina i see many people wanted this Skin and i hope this will made it to the game

m6U3CK8 - We Need Some Lore Skins

WoD Thrall or
4hxD48D - We Need Some Lore Skins
BFA Thrall as Thrall main i will love to see both :p the WoD model look like Thrall "master" world shaman Skin but that Skin dont look cool because it use the same model with his main Skin and the clothe in the top of the plat look wierd at least in WoD model it make sense

and i love how they made his new BFA model because with that leather armor he look more like the other Orcs and his armor represent the Frostwolf clan and if 1 of this 2 gonna be Skin i hope they dont change the look of the doomhammer ( maybe just updated model for it ) like what they did with the master Skin because …. well we love that hammer

apBl8mJ - We Need Some Lore Skins

BFA Rexxar ok its look like his main Skin but what i like about this one its more realestic and represent a Beastmaster the bones and the leather and the most important e look more like a Ogre/Orc ( beast )

0Ocn7ry - We Need Some Lore Skins

BFA Night Warrior Tyrande well this one can be very cool Skin with themed abilities and maybe new bow and for sure voice lines ( after all she need new voice lines )

xElVnEI - We Need Some Lore Skins

BFA Genn Greymane his face have changed and idk if they should change his face in HotS or keep him with his
210839 king genn greymane - We Need Some Lore Skins
Cata-WoD and
018e5ee8cff06c27eea689fbda3e1dbf - We Need Some Lore Skins
concept arts looking but i think we need older Genn with his new
chung kan wowx8andiun3 - We Need Some Lore SkinsWhite Glorious Worgen Form

Legion Gul'dan or we can Say alternate universe Gul'dan he look more like ur Gul'dan but he have the bones and Skulls all over his clothes and the fel in his Shoulders and Staff and that look more Demonic , and btw maybe keep the staff in this Skin and Give him new Animation that fit old orcish Warlock


lbvUofx - We Need Some Lore Skins

Battle Anduin or
i9BSeN1 - We Need Some Lore Skins
Legion Anduin in the End i want to show some love to ur new Hero the boy King M'Anduin and i think it cool to give him his full plate Armor ( and with and without the halmet) for the people who love to see him as "Warrior" like his father ( i know he priest :p ) and the Legion Clothe armor to make the people who enjoy the full Priest and Legion Anduin

i know i talked only about Warcraft because i love Warcraft but there is some Lore Skins from the Other Games i want to see in Hots like :

latest?cb=20151008001606 - We Need Some Lore Skins

Young Raynor or SC1 Raynor with and without his Armor

_ Young Artanis the Zelot Artanis with less Armor but he will look more like Zeratul

_ Vice Admiral Stukov you know Stukov before infestation but the problem will be how he will use his abilities so maybe he will have mechanical arm or something like that

more Scary Mephisto many of us dont like the current model of Mephisto so i think if they Give him new Scary Skin that will be good and maybe with red themed abilities to make him look more like a Diablo Demon who bring fear to his enemies hart

i hope you like this ideas and what Lore Skins you want to see in HotS ?

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