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We went from catering to the casual to catering to the bads.

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - We went from catering to the casual to catering to the bads.

I have been reading a lot about the new changes coming in hots. For me hots is one straw away from breaking the camels back.

Hots is a team based game with objectives that can be obtained to gain an advantage. If one team out playes another that team should win. If you get heavily out played the game should be a faceroll, if the teams play about evenly the game should be a back and forth game. I think this is logical in any game. If in hockey a team is winning 3 to 0 in the first period or 21- 0 ,in the first quarter if it be football, that doesnt mean the team losing cannot come back. They just have to start playing better and start to outplay their opponent. This is true for all and any sport.

Now we have hots. So far hots seems to be fine for me as it is. I have many times comeback from a 3 level deficit through better play with my team. Sure it doesnt happen out of nowhere it took 5 players to get on the same page and we had to play well.

There is also the faceroll where my team has lost in 10 minutes. Sometimes your team is just not playing well together, no one plays objectives and people just chase kills but get nothing done.

Hots is a team game and no one player can win the game for you. Its reliant on a whole team playing well together. Which is a bit of a problem when you get 1 or 2 players that want to do whatever they want to do. Youre pretty much shit out of luck.

So instead of punishing players for playing poorly they now want to make changes so that if you have bads that dont want to play with their team you can still hang in there and win. Imagine a sport where for everytime you score consecutive points each point is worth less and the team that has scored less well their points are worth more.

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All this so people dont cry on the internet. i watched a video earlier today a team with 40+ kills have all their towes and keeps up vs a team with maybe 5 kills and all their towers and keeps down and the diffrence was 1 level. lvl 21 to 20.

Makes no sence to me how this is even possible. If the team with 5 kill manages to somehow pull 1 team whipe because the stars aligned somehow, they could have very well wiped the team and push for core and win the game. The timers are long enough at the 21 minute mark that it could be possible to do.

Instead of forcing people to comunicate or make a premade ,the game is basically a clown fiesta, so people dont cry about snowballs. This is conterintuitive in a team based game. I wont be surprised that these people who cry about snowballs will later cry about how there is no surrender button or they will just afk in the base.. How they cant win and the games are too long now.

I don understand how we even got to this point. I really would like to hear what others feel, but for me a lt of these things arent logical at all.

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