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Wednesday Esports Discussion – April 17

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Wednesday Esports Discussion - April 17

Welcome to the Wednesday Esports Discussion, where each week I really stretch the definition of "Wednesday". Sorry about that.


  • Europe - Wednesday Esports Discussion - April 17
    Heroes Lounge Division S EU
    • Divine Vendetta 0-3 Nothing Left
    • Nothing Left 3-2 Go Next
    • La French Team 3-0 Divine Vendetta
    • Washed up 3-2 Granit Gaming
    • Go Next 1-3 Team Russia
  • North America - Wednesday Esports Discussion - April 17Heroes Lounge Division S NA
    • Order of the Sleeping Dragon 1-3 Celeb Gaming
    • Revive Esports 0-3 The Lost Boys
    • Team Good Guys 3-0 Multiple Smiles
    • Close To Death 2-3 Looking For Work
  • Masters Clash Series
    • 1. Granit Gaming
    • 2. Wind and Rain
    • 3. Go Next
    • Grand Final: Granit Gaming 3-0 Wind and Rain
  • HeroesHearth Fight Night #6
    • Team Good Guys 3-1 Close To Death
    • Group B decider match: Duckpest 2-3 Trogg is Best
    • Semifinal: Never Ending Story (a.k.a. Lost Judy) 4-2 Trogg is Best
    • Semifinal: BullNotUm 1-4 TwTnyang
  • Gold League – round of 32

Pro schedule (April 18-24)

Below I'll include a list of high level tournaments which will be streamed in the next week. Apart from that, you can always check out the sidebar calendar (now on both old and new desktop reddit) to see the next few upcoming matches.

  • April 18 (Thursday) – 17:00 PDT | 20:00 EDT | 0:00 UTC | 2:00 CEST
  • April 19 (Friday) – 12:00
    PDT - Wednesday Esports Discussion - April 17PDT | 15:00 EDT | 19:00 UTC | 21:00 CEST
    • Heroes Lounge Division S
    • Wind and Rain vs. Team Russia
  • April 19 (Friday) – 17:00 PDT | 20:00 EDT | 0:00 UTC | 2:00 CEST
    • Heroes Lounge Division S
    • The Lost Boys vs. Multiple Smiles
  • April 20-22 (Saturday-Monday)
    • Gamers Assembly 2019
    • French tournament featuring most well-known French players; 1200€ prize pool
    • very little info in English, I can't give a detailed schedule
  • April 19 (Friday) – 14:00 PDT | 17:00 EDT | 21:00 UTC | 23:00 CEST
  • April 20 (Saturday) – 12:30 PDT | 15:30 EDT | 19:30 UTC | 21:30 CEST
    • Tespa Collegiate Series – playoffs – quarterfinals and semifinals
  • April 20 (Saturday) – 16:30 PDT | 19:30 EDT | 23:30 UTC | 1:30 CEST
    • Heroes Lounge Division S
    • The Lost Boys vs. Multiple Smiles – 19:30 EDT
    • Looking For Work vs. Team Good Guys – 22:00 EDT
  • April 22 (Monday) – 3:30 PDT | 6:30 EDT | 10:30 UTC | 12:30 CEST
    • Gold League
    • TheOne vs. CE – 12:30 CEST
    • BTG-COUGAR vs. KG – 13:45 CEST
    • Boluo vs. OFD – 15:00 CEST
    • KiTN vs. SPT – 16:15 CEST
    • Khaldor's stream
  • April 23 (Tuesday) – 3:30 PDT | 6:30 EDT | 10:30 UTC | 12:30 CEST
    • Gold League
    • SPT vs. KG – 12:30 CEST
    • TheOne vs. OFD – 13:45 CEST
    • CE vs. KiTN – 15:00 CEST
    • Boluo vs. BTG-COUGAR – 16:15 CEST
  • April 24 (Wednesday) – 10:00 PDT | 13:00 EDT | 17:00 UTC | 19:00 CEST
    • Heroes Lounge Division S
    • Divine Vendetta vs. Washed up – 19:00 CEST
    • Nothing Left vs. La French Team – 21:00 CEST


For those looking to watch some high level Heroes play, these are the tournaments to check out.

  • Heroes Lounge Division S is Heroes Lounge's plan to #saveHotS by organizing EU and NA leagues with a round robin format for the best Heroes players in their regions. Division S' prize pool is gathered through crowdfunding and already exceeds $16k. Their English stream will be cast by Halorin, JHow, Khaldor, Tetcher, and Trikslyr.
  • HeroesHearth Fight Night is a best-of-5 series played every two weeks between top NA teams. The winner stays and the other team changes every match. The matches are cast by JHow and Halorin.
  • Masters Clash is a recently announced European competition aiming to have a prize pool of €5000 and finals played on LAN. The tournament aims to get €7k in crowdfunding to fund the prizes and cover other costs. It is supported by the French caster Malganyr.
  • Gold League is a Chinese series of tournaments which started in 2014 and included HGC China in 2017 and 2018. The tournament is coming back in 2019 with a prize of about $30k for the winning team. Recently, the main tournament with an 8 team group stage has started, including a mixed Swedish-Chinese team featuring POILK, scHwimpi, and Wubby. Khaldor casts the matches.
  • HotS: REVIVAL is a tournament in Korea with a $6k prize pool which features many of the former stars of the Korean HGC, including KyoCha, Rich, and Reset from the Gen.G roster that won BlizzCon last year. Finals will be played offline. No English cast has been confirmed yet. Many teams are streaming their scrims, check out posts by /u/jagwatoof for streams.


If you are looking to play some competitive Heroes matches on any level, these leagues are for you.

  • Heroes Lounge is the largest amateur league for Heroes of the Storm for all skill levels with live streamed games almost every day on Twitch. They offer leagues in EU and NA, divided into 7 divisions in EU and 5 divisions in NA for teams of different skill levels. Some of the matches are cast by their casters, including Khaldor – you can find a calendar of streamed matches here.
  • Tespa Collegiate Series is a tournament for students in the USA and Canada made by Tespa, the organization that made Heroes of the Dorm together with Blizzard. The tournament will be played from February to May and it is streamed on the BlizzHeroes Twitch channel, cast by JHow. The prize pool includes over $5000 in scholarships and gaming laptops for the winning team, and the best teams will participate in offline finals at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, organized by Tespa and ESPN.
  • Nexus Gaming Series is an amateur league for players in North America.
  • /heroes-open is another amateur league for North American players organized by slash.gg.



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