Heroes of the Storm

Wednesday Esports Discussion – October 23

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Wednesday Esports Discussion - October 23


  • HeroesHype Premier Series Playoffs Survival Guide
  • HotS: Revival Season 3 Grand Final highlights and all VODs
  • Nexus Gaming Series Season 8 registration begins!
  • ZaneHyde's Main Tank Uther Guide
  • Deathwing officially revealed

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  • Nexus Gaming Series Season 8 (NA)
    • Click here for more details.
  • For The Beard (Brazil, NA)
    • Click here for more details.


  • eu premier series phase 2 playoffs - Wednesday Esports Discussion - October 23HeroesHype Premier Series EU Playoffs
    1. TBD – watch the finals tonight!
    2. TBD
    3. TBD
    4. Vikingafabriken 2.0 (0-2 vs. Tank Changed)
    5. Go Next (0-2 vs. Tank Changed) and Feel the Heat (0-2 vs. Vikingafabriken 2.0)
    6. Porc9 (0-2 vs. Go Next) and Hold my Beer (1-2 vs. Feel the Heat)
  • HeroesHype Premier Series NA Playoffs
    1. TBD – watch the finals tonight!
    2. TBD
    3. TBD
    4. PED's (1-2 vs. CTV Bulgogi)
    5. Close To Death (0-2 vs. CTV Bulgogi) and Inting for Globes (0-2 vs. PED's)
    6. Storm League Crusaders (0-2 vs. CTV Bulgogi) and Broken Alliance (0-2 vs. Inting for Globes)
  • All Hallows Cup #4
    1. Washed Up (4-2 vs. aLbeus'r fnaculb)
    2. aLbeus'r fnaculb
    3. Feel the Heat (3-0 vs. Porc9)
    4. Porc9
  • HotS: Revival – Season 3
    1. The Black (4-0 vs. Apple)
    2. Apple
    3. KTH (2-4 vs. Apple) and HHACK (1-4 vs. The Black)
  • HeroesHype Premier Series EU Cup #6
    1. Washed Up (2-0 vs. Vikingafabriken)
    2. Vikingafabriken
    3. Tank Changed (Porc9 forfeited)
    4. Porc9
  • HeroesHype Premier Series NA Cup #6
    1. Team Feedem (2-0 vs. PED's)
    2. PED's
    3. CTV Bulgogi (LFW forfeited)
    4. LFW


For an always up-to-date calendar of Heroes esports matches and events, check the calendar in the subreddit's sidebar. You can also subscribe to that calendar by following this guide. And
Liquipedia also has a calendar on the front page.



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