Heroes of the Storm

Wednesday Esports Discussion – October 30

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Wednesday Esports Discussion - October 30


  • division s qualifiers update - Wednesday Esports Discussion - October 30
    Signups for the first Division S Season 2 qualifier are now open for both EU and NA! (reddit)
  • division s returning teams update - Wednesday Esports Discussion - October 30
    Division S Season 2 – Returning Teams Update (reddit)

Sign-ups open

  • Heroes Lounge Division S Season 2 qualifiers (EU, NA)
    • Four qualifier tournaments played from November 16th to December 8th, finishing with the Crucible on December 15th.
    • Four spots to take in the EU league, five in NA. Remaining spots taken by top teams from last year.
    • Prize pool crowdfunded:
      eu divs s2 - Wednesday Esports Discussion - October 30EU, NA.

    • Click here for more details.
  • Nexus Gaming Series Season 8 (NA)
    • Click here for more details.
  • For The Beard (Brazil, NA)
    • Click here for more details.


  • eu premier series phase 2 playoffs - Wednesday Esports Discussion - October 30HeroesHype Premier Series EU Playoffs
    1. aLbeus'r fnaculb (4-0 vs. Tank Changed)
    2. Tank Changed
    3. Washed Up (0-3 vs. Tank Changed)
    4. Vikingafabriken 2.0 (0-2 vs. Tank Changed)
    5. Go Next (0-2 vs. Tank Changed) and Feel the Heat (0-2 vs. Vikingafabriken 2.0)
    6. Porc9 (0-2 vs. Go Next) and Hold my Beer (1-2 vs. Feel the Heat)
  • HeroesHype Premier Series NA Playoffs
    1. LFW (4-3 vs. Team Feedem)
    2. Team Feedem
    3. CTV Bulgogi (1-3 vs. LFW)
    4. PED's (1-2 vs. CTV Bulgogi)
    5. Close To Death (0-2 vs. CTV Bulgogi) and Inting for Globes (0-2 vs. PED's)
    6. Storm League Crusaders (0-2 vs. CTV Bulgogi) and Broken Alliance (0-2 vs. Inting for Globes)
  • Tespa Collegiate Series
    1. Varsity Blues (3-2 vs. CSULB Razorgrins)
    2. CSULB Razorgrins
    3. No KTZ Ban PLS (1-3 vs. CSULB Razorgrins) and Mochrie is Toxic (1-3 vs. Varsity Blues)


For an always up-to-date calendar of Heroes esports matches and events, check the calendar in the subreddit's sidebar. You can also subscribe to that calendar by following this guide. And
Liquipedia also has a calendar on the front page.

  • No esports this week, I guess? The closest matches will be the Nexus Contest group stage on November 9th and 10th. Full schedule
    matches - Wednesday Esports Discussion - October 30here.
  • November 1 (Friday) – 11:00 PDT | 14:00 EDT | 18:00 UTC | 19:00 CET
    • BlizzCon Opening Ceremony
    • Not esports. Contains major announcements about Blizzard games, might or might not include Heroes announcements.
    • Stream |
      Full BlizzCon schedule
  • November 1 (Friday) – 15:15
    PDT - Wednesday Esports Discussion - October 30PDT | 18:15 EDT | 22:15 UTC | 23:15 CET
    • BlizzCon panel: Heroes of the Storm Update
    • Not esports. We don't know much about the panel's content except for the rather self-explanatory title.
    • Requires a BlizzCon Virtual Ticket to watch. Live updates (text+screenshots) will be provided by the subreddit moderators, look for a sticky thread around the time the panel starts.
    • Stream (with a Virtual Ticket) |
      Full BlizzCon schedule


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