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Welcome to Masters , act like it.

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Welcome to Masters , act like it.

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So you've been stuck in plat for seasons now , and thats okay. But not this season . This season after doing your 3 placements , you found yourself mid-diamond , somehow won a couple of games and suddenly you are playing in Masters.

After posting the screenshot of how amazing you are as a player on every discord server you are part of ( i know we all did that ) you decide to soloqueue and give it a go . Match starts and it's Dragon Shire . You insta-lock your Auto-Attack Valla main that you've been spamming up to this point whilst your team was keeping first pick for rexxar. The enemy team then procedes to pick rexxar on dragon shire and then your team starts to ask you wth you were thinking .

But you don't mind , after all, you are a masters player now , you know this game better than anyone ever has and will ever know. They are just some random toxic players because they don't respect your pick.

Game starts , You never manage to win top shrine cause rexxar , therefore your falstad tried ganking him a couple of times and pings you to play safe since you are 3v4 in the 4-man rotation. But not you , you already know you need to stack your AA Valla quest and proceed to auto attack the enemy garrosh whilst your team is trying to clear the wave so you can rotate bot. You die. You decide to spam ping your falstad for not being here and your malfurion for being a bad healer cause he didn't save you. /s


Point is, stop being so damn arogant in SL . Start considering it when someone asks you to pick a certain ultimate , start talking in draft so you don't get obliterated in 10 minutes. Start asking if you are not sure what ult to pick.

We all know you love your AA Valla picks , your Artanis , your Azmodan ,your damage build Arthas , your god knows what random build on a random hero you decide to take. But some are simply not viable in higher leagues. Too many games i've been forced to double soak as Malf , too many games i've spampinged someone to back off and they didn't and died, too many times i've lost 99% won games because someone got caught when the 4 other ''idiots'' that you call teammates spam-pinged you to go back.

You really want to play in higher leagues? Then learn some basic things such as Soaking , 4-man rotation and win conditions . Consider listening to your ''idiot'' healer that is forced to keep his trait on Anduin just to save you from throwing the game every teamfight . Start playing with your god damn team. Don't be the Valla.

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