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What am I missing about Rehgar? (Calling all high level mains!!)

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - What am I missing about Rehgar? (Calling all high level mains!!)

Thanks guys for helping me with Blaze! Hearing how the choice between combustion and bunker has been affected by its changes has really helped me understand how he is used differently than when he was played in HGC. Also the advice on how to sustainably lane was super helpful, as well as the "W–>E–>D–>R" Combustion combo. I really wrecked some Kael'thas face with that.

This week is a bit different because Rehgar is actually my most played support. He's just so great because he's the support that can meet the macro needs that your team is inevitably lacking. He's also one of the highest winrate supports in the game right now at pretty much all levels. Why would I ask about this hero then? The answer is simple: I have a 40% winrate with him in the past 60 days. So my questions today may end up being more prescriptive than suggestive. Anyway, if you have any feedback please let me know!

  1. When is it wrong to use Rehgar to take the early easy camp alone? I'll often take it upon myself to do it because I don't trust anyone else to. Is it ever actually the wrong call if you have people holding all lanes securely otherwise?
  2. I often hear people coaching Rehgars say "you're not getting enough butt-bites in", meaning you aren't Z-ing into the enemy with enough frequency. I know to hang behind teamfights out of wolf form so that you can quickly z in to help complete kills, but should I be more frequently trying to "poke" in butt bites during teamfights? Or are they saying that when you go in you should be shifting into z on cooldown to get that lunging strike?
  3. I'm not going to ask about "alt builds" because I think there's a fairly straight forward accepted build from 1-13: Totem, Healing Totem, Cleanse, Ancestral, Lightning Shield. When is Slowing totem at 16 the correct choice based on team compositions, and when would you choose the other 16 talents? Is shield the common choice at 20?
  4. I understand that Earthbind totem is used to catch someone in retreat as well as to secure a disengage, but are there times that you use it in the MIDDLE of the team fight given its low health? If so, when?
  5. In your eyes, why/when do you pick Rehgar in a draft? Is he specially suited for certain comps, or do you pick him because he is a jack-of-all-trades sort of healer?
  6. What are common mistakes made by regular rehgar players? i.e. why is he a strong healer? i.e. why does he have a 54% winrate and I have a 41% winrate. i.e. WHAT AM I MISSING ABOUT REHGAR??

Thanks in advance for your help!

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