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What am I missing about Stukov? (Calling all high level mains!!)

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - What am I missing about Stukov? (Calling all high level mains!!)

Stukov used to be one of my favorite healers, when he was a big AoE silence bot. He's undergone a bunch of changes, and has definitely had his ups and downs. He was a carry in competitive that one time (if anyone can remember that player's name and his team, let me know because that was amazing), but he can also feel very underwhelming when played poorly. He maintains a

It seems like he has a LOT of talent diversity, but choices are geared towards appeasing different level of skill, is this a correct interpretation? For example is <> seems like it is great for lower leagues, but not exactly what we're looking for at higher levels of play, and <> would be the choice. BUT! In diamond, Infestation has a 49% pick rate. So confusing.

Playing him recently, his E->W->D Combo has straight up won me games, but I'm not sure how much I am supposed to rely on that, which is largely informed by his builds, which I don't really understand! Help!! Here are my questions:

  1. Why and when do you pick Stukov? What does he bring to the fight that other healers can't, and what can't he bring to a fight that would make other healers a better choice?
  2. What is up with level 1? I have seen some insane carrying with <>, but <> has a higher pick rate with a lower winrate, and <> just got adjusted! Help!!
  3. His play seems to hinge on <>. When do you choose virulent reaction, and when don't you? If you do, how heavily do you invest in it with other talent tiers (i.e. <> at lvl1, <> at 7)? Or are these trap talents to make the combo easier to pull off with minimal other uses?
  4. When do you use Massive Shove, and whom do you use it against in a team fight? Dive? To get a tank out of the way?
  5. Is his E->W->D combo effective enough for use before <>? Or is it better to just use your abilities separately as needed until that combo comes online.
  6. What should be my attitude during team fights, and what should I be looking to do? I know my aggression will be dictated by my tank and the enemy ability to punish me, but I still like to have something to "look for" in a team fight. Am I just spamming Q until I can follow up on the tank engage?
  7. What are cute synergies between talents that the untrained eye might miss? What am I missing about Stukov!???

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